What's The One Gadget You Absolutely Can't Live Without In The Kitchen

It's dinner time and I have food on the brain. This makes me wonder: for those of you who spend a lot of time in the kitchen (actually cooking food, that is), what is the most indispensable tool you own?

Is it a simple utensil like a knife? Or is it something more gadgety, like a digital thermometer? Let's talk cooking gear in the comments.


    has to be the Chef's knife

    A full size furi east/west knife.

    gas cooktop?

    The 10" Sharp chef's knife. It can do any cutting I need, even if
    it's not the perfect cutting tool. My knives are what I will take
    with me when I cook in someone else's kitchen.

    In terms of electrical items that aren't the oven, I'd say stick
    blender. I think it's hard to say you are cooking without a minimum
    of knife, heat source and pans.

    Phone, to call delivery

      Move to Dubai:

    A knife really isn't a gadget IMHO, so I'd have to say microwave.
    Mine does triple duty as oven and grill too ^_^

      You haven't owned an awesome enough knife then :D My cheap as
      Santuko style knife is awesome. Perfectly weighted (read: heavy),
      ergonomic handle, dimpled sides to the blade... chuck a good steel
      over it on a regular basis and you'd never know it only cost me
      around $10 and still going strong years later.

    My microwave. It's awesome. It has two controls, one for power
    level, one for time. The time nob is electronic, so there is no
    mechanical timer. Who _ever_ uses the advanced functions on
    microwaves? I certainly haven't. Mine is simple and very easy to
    use. Best industrial design ever.

      You don't have a dinner reheat automagic button? It's the best
      thing to reheat a meal cooked the day before.

    The floor. Definitely the floor.

    Sharp knives. If I had shitty knives I'd probably eat out all the

    Sharp chef's knife, followed closely by a good non-stick frypan.

    My 12" shun and my ipad.

    That is a really awesome chopping board!!! Where did you get it?

    hmmm.. I must say... my Shun Santoku (scalloped) knife 7"... and
    KitchenAid mixer for all my dough need.

    Scanpan Damastahl knife block - each knife is made from 33 layers of japanese steel, apperentlly the same steel as samurai swords. I also love my ceramic titanium sautee pan and wok - once you go ceramic titanium, you never go back.

    A spork.


    Olive Oil.

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