What Would Happen If Every Ad Looked Like An Apple Ad?

What would happen if all the ad campaigns in the world were ran by Apple's ad agency? Exactly this. It's hilarious because 1) it's true and 2) it clearly shows how absurdly minimalist their ads are.

They need some Apple-style slogans though, so please propose yours.

Check out the site and follow them on Twitter and Applefied ads. [Thanks Oscar!]


    Simplicity and single-mindedness of message are the essence of good advertising.

    Most clients, however, want to cram as much information into every ad as they can.

    Kudos to Apple for the discipline they show in keeping their ads simple.

      This is incorrect. Apple advertise that way for specific reasons that are right for them, not because of any general principals.
      Minimalism and simplicity deliberately emphasise the minimalism and simplicity of the product. The Apple brand itself carries enough recognition and cache that they don't have to emphasise it.
      They also don't need to individually enunciate all their product features in every ad because the press does that for them anyway.
      All these products above are like Apple in that there's already wide recognition, but other brands and products do not always have those advantages so can not do the same sort of advertising.

        There are many general principles of effective advertising. Yes, each company ad should complement their broader brand character and marketing strategy. But this does not invalidate the fact there are general unfifying principles of good advertising, and single-minded clarity in expressing the value proposition is one of these. Observing these principles, makes the ads ''fit for purpose''.

        No mate, THIS is incorrect. Virt Atomican is 100% correct. There is never a time for complex mixed messages coming across in advertising.

      Discipline? Apple ads are rampant with grammatical errors eg. Starting a sentence with And after a full stop. Go have a look at the 4S ad. A multi-billion dollar company can't even afford proof reading. Idiots.

        I think starting a sentence with "And" is perfectly fine. It's just a matter of using it sparingly and effectively.

          I think it is OK for conversational writing, as in commenting here, but not for formal writing, as in an advertisement.

            An advertisement isn't formal writing. Not sure if you've seen QT Mutual Bank's latest advertisements? Slogan is "clevererer than the banks". Woops must have been a typo ay?


        You've really missed the entire point of advertising. It's not an official document that needs to be grammatically correct. It needs to be relatable, conversational and simple. If you really think a billion dollar company accidentally left in a grammatical error in their advertisement that is written, designed and proofread by many many people, you're really out of touch.

    For a slogan, what about:

    "If you don't have a pen, well, you don't have a pen"

    Man I hate that stupid Apple slogan for their iPhones.

      No thats not the same, because 'pen' isn't the name of that particular brand of pen, which is the whole point of that slogan.

      'If you don't have a sharpie, well, you don't have a sharpie'

    Introducing "French Fry" with Ketchup. Its the perfect blend of potatoes and tomatoes.

    absurdly minimalist? Is there such thing,? I'd say there is only such thing as absurdly cluttered

      No, there is only fit for purpose or not fit for purpose. It all depends on the need of the situation.

    I want all of these now; except the Dark Night of course.

    Being a designer I would dream of a design brief that has only one line of copy, one image and one logo. I don't agree with Apple's design principles/ideas with a lot of their hardware, but they are very smart when it comes to designing their advertising. This IMO is a big part of their success.

    " What Would Happen If Every Ad Looked Like An Apple Ad? "
    Every Ad company would find themselves embroiled in another law suit I would imagine.
    But they'd be even easier to ignore.

    "Post It" - "It's Magical"
    "The Dak Knight Rises" - "We Think You're Gonna Love It"
    "French Fries" - "Just One More"
    "Jeans" - "There's A Pant For That"

      Or alternatively.

      Jeans: One for every ass...

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