What Was The Most Tweeted Moment Of The 2012 London Opening Ceremony?

It's no secret that Twitter is where social networking junkies go to talk about events as they unfold, so what was the most popular event of the 2012 London Olympics' Opening Ceremony according to Twitter?

Apparantly, it was the part where Rowan Atkinson, Mr Bean himself, came out and performed an hilarous homage to the Olympics set to The Chariots Of Fire soundtrack. Twitter wrote on its blog:

The biggest spike in Twitter conversation during the Opening Ceremony? When Rowan Atkinson, a.k.a. Mr Bean, appeared in a hilariously memorable homage to the Olympians of “Chariots of Fire”.

Of course we can't show you the clip in question thanks to the fact that this is the most stringently controlled commercial exercise in history. And here I thought it was a chance to celebrate sporting excellence. How wrong I was. Enjoy these fireworks instead.

You can follow the games on the Olympics hashtag.



    It was a great moment, watched it a few times, still all over youtube atm.


    Certainly my favorite moment.


      Great to see Mr. Bean back. Pure comedic talent right there.

    I loved the set up for the queen jumping out of the helicopter. Great stuff and it's funny stuff seeing the old duck play along

    Its on youtube :)

    yeah I would of guessed that, being silent Mr Bean works across all languages and cultures

    If you type in "mr bean olympics" in Google you will likely end up with the official BBC site showing it as number one, I think this is the best source for it at the moment and cannot see it being taken down (yet)

    Quite frankly the idea that the IOC can be allowed to have such rules in effect is ridiculous, they contribute absolutely NOTHING to the games and their set up costs and take the profits, I seriously think someone should get around to actually looking over their contracts and copyrights.

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