What Happened With the NBN This Week?

What Happened With the NBN This Week?

Prices are rising and they’re set to keep rising if you believe what happened in the NBN this week.

Telstra is upping costs to squeeze the last dollars it can out of the copper network before it’s replaced by the NBN. []

Thought access to the NBN would stay cheap forever? You’re wrong according to the CEO of MyNetPhone, who thinks that retail service providers will up the cost of a monthly plan due to the fact that current prices are unsustainable. [Computerworld Australia]

NBN Co scored a new hire this week: the ex-managing director of SAP for Australia and New Zealand, Tim Ebbeck. Ebbeck has long had his criticisms of the NBN so it will be interesting to see how he goes as the company’s new chief commercial officer. [Delimiter]

Local councils are getting some sweet coin from the government to improve service access for the NBN. [Coffs Coast Advocate]

Communications Minister Stephen Conroy is pretty pleased with himself. This week he announced that 30 per cent of the National Broadband network is set to be built and is therefore out of the Coalition’s reach should they win the next election. [ZDNet]