What Happened With The NBN This Week?

What Happened With The NBN This Week?

Multi-million dollar contracts, fibre-trouncing 4G speeds and telcos saying good things: just another week worth of NBN news.

Telstra isn’t fussed that the NBN is coming, nor does it think that the growth in the IPTV market will threaten its media business, The Australian reports.

ViaSat picked up a paltry $218 million contract from NBN Co to supply satellite dishes and other networking equipment to rural Australians this week, The Australian Financial Review reports.

NineMSN writes that the chairman of the National Library of Australia threw the NBN a bone this week, saying that he thought the network would open the door to the digitisation of large libraries of books for all the world to see.

Optus, a telco once highly critical of the National Broadband Network, has said in a submission that the network could deliver $1 billion in benefits to the company, The Australian says.