What Happened With The NBN This Week?

Leaked Coalition documents, Turnbull doing stand-up and partisan pledges — all part of the action with the NBN this week.

NBN Co announced plans for a new satellite station in Tasmania. [ZDNet Australia]

Shadow Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull pledged that he wouldn't cancel the contracts already signed by NBN Co if the Coalition came to power, telling Fairfax the party would instead renegotiate existing contracts while pushing for a fibre-to-the-node rollout. [Herald Sun]

Prime Minister Julia Gillard responded by saying that "only Labor could guarantee the delivery of the project". [SBS]

Communications Minister Stephen Conroy announced that the government would fund NBN training programs around the country to the tune of $15.2 million this week. [Computerworld Australia]

Turnbull broke out his best stand-up routine this week, rubbishing the kit NBN Co has been sending out to communities around the country. It really is top quality gear. He should have a brick wall backdrop and a laugh track. [Daily Telegraph]

The Coalition's Speaker's Notes were leaked this week and published by Crikey. Nothing juicy about the NBN in there, though. Just a lot of what we've heard already. [Crikey]

And finally, an insight into Tony Abbott's broadband mood. He's once again said that the country doesn't need it. Interesting considering Turnbull's comments earlier in the week. Hmm. [Delimiter]



    Abbot is a cretin, which is why he says what he does. But he's also trying to attract all those cretins who hate the idea of the NBN and don't understand the need for it... even as his far smarter colleague is saying different. The public doesn't like smart politicians though which is why Abbot is the leader.

    Some of Turnbull's material was kind of good... I'm mean in a corporate dinner, awards night, we-can't-afford-a-real-MC kind of way.

    FTTN is a joke - FFTP is what makes the NBN such a ground breaking, world leading project

    Would have saved my department thousands. It will be a sad day if the LNP is elected

    All liberal voters love the nbn if they love small business... which they pretend they do! IT'S ALL PURE FACT FOLKS AND YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST...

    Ugh, Turnbull's video was grossly disgusting. For a start, he's not funny, for a second, he says the packs come from NBNCo. and for a third, I thought he was above things like this.

    Shame MT, you've dropped a notch or 2 in my respect eyes.

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