What First Got You Interested In Technology?

In our "What Was It" series, we've been talking with notable people about what first piqued their interest in technology.

People like Steve Wozniak and Alexis Ohanian have shared what pushed them into this field. Last night, at the American Museum of Natural History, Neil de Grasse Tyson told us what got him hooked on space exploration.

These recent discussions have been illuminating, and we'd like to hear more on the subject from our readers. So what did it for you? A trip to a planetarium? A high school science teacher? Tetris?

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    The complete lack there of when I was young..!

    When my Doctor prescribed me a Gameboy at the age of 8 because he said I had weak hand muscles by memory. As soon as I got that my Nanna heard about the problem and brought me my first Pentium. After 6-12 months of use I no longer required to go back to the Government run Pediatric Health Centers.

    Since then a computer has been with me all the time!

    PS:This is not a troll, I still go to the same GP/Doctor these days although he is not currently servicing our area

    Star Trek, a PC Engine GT handheld and an Atari ST

    No one thing did, I think - we had an Atari 2600, then I bought a VIc-20 in 1982 when I was 12. Have been involved with computers and other technological items ever since.

    my dad hooking up 2 VHS VCRs and recording a pirated ET copy in 1982.

    Cars, from a very early age. From there it was Gemini and Apollo (too young to really remember Mercury/Friendship) and war machines - tanks and aircraft. The first high tech of my own were synthesisers. Computers came much, much later.

    Windows 98 and its sleek design.

    The thing that totally blew my mind and started my interest in tech (space related) was:

    When I was 10 years old my mother worked at my local high school. One of the teachers there was heavily involved in NASA. She had been to several Space Shuttlr launches. One night she organised several astronomers to bring approx. 12 different telescopes to the school at night so anyone who was interested could check out the planets. I can clearly remember looking through the biggest one they brought and seeing jupiter and saturn, clear as a photo, but in real time. I can also remember that I started to cry when they said they had to pack up the telescopes and leave. I wanted to stay there all night and watch the planets. Needless to say I now have extreme interest when it comes to the universe and anything to do with other worlds.

    "Interested in Tech" - very tough to nail that one down. So a few impressions that probably did it for me:
    (1) Tron blew my mind when I first saw it as a kid.
    (2) Watching my uncles work - one was coding games and hacking together controllers and other hardware for his Commodore and Amiga systems; one was fixing engines and engineering farm equipment.
    (3) Dino-riders, fighter jets and the X-Wing tied into my 'splosion-loving side.
    (4) Space Shuttle, Voyager and Venera programs. The Shuttle seemed like the beginning of all the atmo-outer space ships we saw in scifi stories; Voyager's longevity and enduring usefulness, as a lonely emissary of the human race; and Venera's eventual successful landing on Venus, years of planning and prior missions all willingly given to achieve an hour of observations from the Venusian surface.

    I used to have toy robots as a child. The kind that walked about and spun arond and made awesome sounds!

    I guess that started me off, but it grew when my parents came home one day with a brand new Commodore 64!

    I got give a Mr Machine when I was about 5 yrs old.
    Believe me, I wish I still had it because those early original ones are worth a mint these days.
    That would have been circa 1967.
    Like this one here.

      I had the thing stripped down and re-assembled in less than a day. At 5yrs old.
      I've been pulling things apart / investigating / fixing / rebuilding stuff ever since.

    Tron. My mum took me to the movies, original release. That was 1982 so must have been 10.

    Before Tron I wanted to be an astronaut or an astronomer. Afterwards I wanted to be a computer program. I'm a computer programmer, so close. :D

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