Week's Top Comedy Video: Are Men Funny?

Gender roles! Fun to talk about, even more fun to reverse, and extra super duper fun to argue about until you pass out from exhaustion. So let's do all three!

The rest of this weeks top comedy videos, including a new restaurant, Bob Dylan's Titanic, and BIG TRUCKS! can be fond over at Splitsider.

Other highlights from the week in comedy:

- Sherman Hemsley passed away at age 74.

- Dan Harmon is in talks to do write a pilot for Fox.

- NBC is going to make things a bit broader.

- We unearthed a discussion between Steve Allen and Lenny Bruce about free speech.

- We found the lost roles of Vince Vaughn.

- We watch Six Days to Air and learned how South Park gets made.

- We guided you with videos through Jim Carrey's early stand-up.

- We followed @PerlaPell on Twitter.

- We looked at the web videos of Someecards.com.

- We might've forgotten the name of our son.

- We went on the ground at the Montreal Just For Laughs festival.

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