Wave Energy Set To Power Australia's Largest Naval Base

Wave energy sounds like energy that has been drawn from another dimension and funnelled into the local power grid. It might not be as insane as that, but it's certainly just as clever and almost as cool, and it's set to power Australia's largest naval base, HMAS Stirling in Western Australia.

So what is wave energy? Essentially it's like a hydro-power plant without the need for gravity to throw water through a turbine.

A fleet of buoys will be submerged off the coast of Western Australia. These buoys will be connected to a sealed tubed pump unit on the ocean floor, and as the buoys move about as a result of the current, pumps in the tube will move and pressurise the water.

That pressurised water is then moved into a hydroelectric generator on-shore which generates energy as it turns. The energy is fed into the grid and powers HMAS Stirling, Australia's largest naval base.

The Navy signed a deal with Carnegie Wave Energy for the green power gear yesterday in Western Australia. Wave energy will go live on the grid by late next year.

Image: Carnegie Wave Energy Limited

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    Bout time we started to innovate like this. Say what you was about the Redhead, she is trying under a lot of pressure, to make a difference.

      Yes, we should be doing more like this. But I highly doubt Julia, the fool that she is, had anything to do with this decision. Let's be honest here, the only reason she introduced the carbon tax (and subsequently has tried to portray herself and the Labor Government as nature loving, eco supporters) is because she painted herself into a corner trying to establish a government.

        "trying to establish a government"

        Well, that is a job of any PM.

        But, blaming politicians has become a pastime for Australia and all for the wrong reasons. The voters had a say, and a good portion decided to go with the Greens.

        I have no blame but if i was to set aside an example. I wouldn’t cite one person or party over the other but the deficit of conviction needed to fix the root cause. The system.

    Our navy is powered by the moon, awesome!

      10 points to Griffindor.

        You numbskulls are thinking of tides.

          Coz tides don't create waves...? You numbskull.

            nope, wind (and the odd seismic hiccup) create waves... tides have very little to do with waves. They do however create tidal currents which is used in other forms of green energy, but not this one.

              "and as the buoys move about as a result of the current"

    more of this should be done, why isn't it?

      Because industry doesn't want the government to lead, that would mean change.

        Is that why the vast majority of business are pro the government building the NBN? because they don't want change? Your statement makes no sense.

        "Moving forward"

      Because to be viable it requires bucket loads of public cash and the government (i.e. the Department of Defence) agreeing to pay over the odds for the electricity being generated.

    You take energy out the sea like this... I think we'll end up with bigger problems.

      How is it taking energy away from the sea?

    Pity they couldn't incorporate this into the Wonthaggi Desal Plant.

    It's an old slide the company is no longer using water but another fluid.

    From a defence point of view. Generating your own power and eliminating reliance of a private provider. You make your own in house.

    Innovation, not really other countries have been doing it for years. We are so behind the times here.

    Its also the Australian Navy, if there was someone that could f*** this up it would be them.

    I think it's great that they are doing this... tax cut for us perhaps?

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