Watches Crafted From Woolly Mammoth Ivory Will Make Your Savings Extinct

If you thought it was hard to get your hands on ivory from animals that still roam the Earth, you can imagine the difficulty in sourcing the material from creatures that died thousands of years ago. You'll also understand why these unique mammoth watches cost upwards of $US44,000.

Crafted by Lang & Heyne in a limited edition run of 25 pieces, the ivory that's used in the Friedrich August I and Johann von Sachsen models was sourced from 10,000-year-old woolly mammoths that were preserved in the Russian permafrost for thousands and thousands of years. And it's not like the ivory is just being used as decorative accents. It's actually been incorporated into the watch's inner structures and components. So you're probably getting your money's worth given extinction has made sure this particular ivory isn't exactly a renewable resource.

[Lang & Heyne via Born Rich]



    Should have made the face out of the ivory so you can actually see your $44,000 worth.

    Oh great.! Now we'll have to chop off their tusks to protect them from watch makers.

    So wait.. we find 10,000 year old Wooly Mammoth tusks, and instead of putting them in a museum we turn them into a fancy watch for rich people? Sometimes I wonder if we should be extinct..

      There's probably only so many tusks you can put on display. Guaranteed to be heaps more just sitting in museum storages.

    Great, another reason for poachers to keep poaching.
    Yes, I know this is from an extinct animal, but it just fuels the market for things from living animals.
    Seriously, It's time humanity grew up out of the need to use animals for trivial things such as fashion etc.
    If you're the type to spend that kind of money of rubbish like this, you really are one of those people for whom money is easily parted. Fools.

      Erm, that's a long row to hoe there guy, there's no correlation between the two.

        yeah, I hear ya, but you can't deny it gives the less gifted among us some dumb ideas and this crap just perpetuates people's lust for junk made from animals.

    Finally! A woolly mammoth ivory watch to match my woolly mammoth ivory suit!

      seeeeee my vest,
      see my vest,
      made from real gorilla chest.....

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