POV Aerial Shots Taken With $12,000 'Copter

Birds Eye Productions specialises in high-quality, remotely controlled miniature helicopters for photography and videography. Its 2012 show reel is an incredible example of the state-of-the-art technology.



    Looks great :)

    Shut up and take my, oh, I can't afford that. :( Nice use of the Gorillaz for the music.

    Next innovation.... layers of propeller blades..!
    Oh and "Agent Hambo" thanks, I was wondering who was doing the music in this :)

      Next innovation.....

      Keeping the things in the air longer than 20 mins with current battery technology !


    I always wondered how they did those long takes in movies where it starts out as an arieal shot and ends up in someones room.

    Built mine for under a grand....

    Should use these things for the Olympic games coverage.

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