Watch This Guy Surviving A 120 Metre Fall Like Wile E. Coyote

This video seems out of a Chuck Jones' cartoon of the Roadrunner and the Coyote, but it's real. It happened in Konakova, Russia. A BASE jumper jumped off the top of an electric post, 120m over the snow surface below. Unfortunately, his parachute failed.

He probably crashed at about 106 miles per hour (170km/h) but, miraculously, survived the fall thanks to the powdered snow below.

The man broke his legs, pelvis, and some vertebrae. Fortunately, he was walking again only three months later, showing once again that these Russians are made of iron. [YouTube via Daily Mail via La Nación -- In Spanish -- Thanks Gonzalo!]


    That's some amazing self control by the camera man.

    You could tell the guy was completely inexperienced..

    Hell yeah, camera mans just like still looking waiting for something to happen....which is a Parashute opening I guess...

    Did the camera man just say 'oh dear' at the end? I don't know what was worse, knowing his chute was gonna fail and see him being uncertain and shakey to jump in the first place, or actually see him hit the snow :S

      Can't believe how much his hand was shaking. Knowing what was going to happen just confirmed how scared he was. Glad he survived. His free fall was horrible - a beginners mistake for sure.

    Camera man just stands there filming, like he's thinking "Well, he's dead"
    It doesn't look like his parachute failed, it looks like he flipped over so much and opened so late that it didn't pull out.

    I was gonna say, isn't 120m not nearly close enough for safe distance for chute opening time?

    Please tell me they neutered him in the hospital. His swimming rights to the gene pool should have been revoked, but it appears the Reaper was having an off day. I'd like to know what he was thinking on the way down, can someone find out?

    Cant believe the care free attitude of the camera man. Clearly the guy hit the snow at full speed. At that point the normal reaction would be "Oh shit", drop the camera and run down to see if he's okay.

    lol why did he flip!? and shouldn't he have had the chute open already?

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