Watch Pentax DSLRs Resist These Tortures

Apparently, some people love the Pentax DSLRs because they can stand storms and heavy rain. I never imagined they could be subjected to this kind of hardcore testing. That's probably why US Army soldier Alex Jansen, now deployed in Afghanistan, loves them.

Watch as he buries his Pentax K-7 and K-5 DSLR cameras -- plus their respective lenses -- in sand and then showers them. Twice. They just keep working perfectly. Quite impressive for cameras that cost less than $2000.

I'm used to treating my Canon DSLR with the utmost care, so watching this makes me cringe. I wish all gadgets were this resistant to the environment. [YouTube via DIYPhotography via Petapixel]


    DigitalRev do a great "Hardcore Durability Test" on a 7D which deals with a lot more extreme conditions (freezing/fire/impact) if anyone is interested.

      Yes, but the 7D costs quite a bit more then either the k5 or k7. I would EXPECT to have brilliant weather sealing if I was spending that much on a camera.

      Quality for price, the K5 is unbeatable. (fullstop)

    Love my Pentax for exactly this reason. Been around the world with me a few times and into some odd situations but still works perfectly.

    That's the most un-scientific test I've ever seen. I'd like to see how long the lens would last if the zoom was operated while covered in dust.

    yep, Pentax DSLRs rock in that department, also great ergonomics + battery life - mine will run off a set for thousands of shots. Sucky thing - less lenses :-(

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