Watch Ken Block Punish The Streets Of San Francisco In His Latest Stunt Driving Epic

Ken Block is a madman, but of course we knew that already thanks to several prominent YouTube clips and a brief stint on Top Gear UK. Block is back and this time he's tearing up San Francisco.

It really has to be seen to be believed, but to make it better, find yourself a few sweet dance tracks to play along at the same time. [YouTube]


    so fucking awesome.

    Oh, and if you can't think of an awesome song to watch this to, try this track from Justice. It's called Genesis and it brings the bass you need to punctuate the amazing sound this little Fiesta makes.

    Or if you want something longer, try the 9-minute mix of The Veldt by Deadmau5:

    I want to know how they get such good sound from the go pro's mounted on the outside of the car. When i do it i get bulk wind noise.

    Another cool vid to check out, promo for the new go pro wifi back

      It only works if your car is louder than the wind noise .
      Try doing a short filming run with the waterproof back on,then viewand work out if your car really is loud enough to be heard, if not use a seperate sound recorder, my bike is loud but still at some speeds the wind noise is louder still .

        Remember that the car was covered in go pros. could have pulled the audio from any number of then and used it for the side shots.

    before all the wet blankets come in and start talking about how its a waste of tires and blahblah blah
    can we just appreciate that awesomeness for a moment.
    such talent and dedication.
    i think it is artistic the combination of raw power and chaos with such fluid movement and control!

    once im rich im going to buy one of these fiestas so this can be my morning commute daily.

      Probably using a high quality external mic and a GoPro Hero 2, much the same way I get the cockpit auto in my videos when I am flying aerobatics.

    Awesome, but he lost 1 gopro and ran into 1 barricade XD

    meh. walking billboard. looks like he had a few practice runs. what titles has he won in rally?

      The fact that he's competing in WRC is a feat with in itself. He's the only American currently competing in WRC. In other words, he's one of the best in the world at what he does. Not many get to claim that.

      I'm not the biggest Ken Block fan in the world but I think those that critic him unfairly have no idea what they're talking about.

        I don't think that he's actually won anything on the world stage, maybe finished in top 10 once?

      Doubt anyone would be able to do any of that stuff first shot :|

      Yeah, he is quite well known among the drifting world. Could even be considered a 'legend'

    ^ I'm with you.

    He lost me when he was trashing his Fiesta at the L'Autodrome in France, he blew out the tires but he kept on going, that shows not skill but no mechanical sympathy.

    There are parts in all of his Vids where you can easily see he has taken numerous takes at the same trick show that he can't get it right the first (second, third....)go. And as Jeff mentioned he hasn't actually got the skill to win any Rallying titles.

    If you want to see skill in drifting check this vid out, you will notice not one practice tire mark.

    (Plus I'm partial to Supra's cos I have one).

      It was shot over 4 days, so of course there were multiple takes :)

    Takumi Fujiwara can take him down in a downhill battle

    Love it! Might not be the best rally driver, but he's one hell of an entertainer!

    Have a look at C`tait un rendez - vouz throught the streets of Paris

    This is legend status, for years only seen under ground, no staging or road closure, illegally runs about 14 red lights. nN modern brakes or chassis, just raw horse power, brilliant for it`s time.

      As nice as rendevouz in paris is, it was fillmed in the directors Merc, and then speeded up and dubbed with a ferrari noise.

      Shame to be a wet blanket, I still love watching it, even if it is fake.

      If you want skill and not someone who uses multiple takes and clever editing, and buys his way into the WRC (counterpoint, I personally thing although he SUCKS as a rally driver, he does bring much needed exposure to the sport of world rally) check out ari driving a peugoet 405 up pikes peak in climb dance, one hand fully sideways 600+bhp with the sun in his eyes on gravel with a deadmans drop off. Total skill, from and actual world rally champ.

    Awesome video. But to all the P plate male high schoolers, don't go and try to be like Ken in mums Fiesta. It won't end well and she won't be happy

    And hoons seem to think that they can drive like this, safely, and in traffic

      That's because I can!

        Are you on drugs??? I don't believe I've ever seen anyone behave like this on the streets in traffic.

    Pretty intense

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