Watch Julia Gillard's Google+ Hangout Here

Julia Gillard took to Google+ recently to engage in a Hangout with ordinary citizens. How did it go?

It started off with a question about education but quickly moved onto a conversation about tech start-ups, the digital economy, gay marriage and religion in schools.

While it's nice to see our Prime Minister jump onto Google+ to chat with the people, it would have been better if it weren't so staged. Why not choose 10 people from an OurSay poll and throw them into a Hangout with the PM with Tony Jones moderating? Like a citizen's Q&A?

If you could ask the PM one non-political question, what would it be?



    Only one question. Prime Minister, why did you say and you have been quoted as saying "that there will be no carbon tax" and you said that to millions of voters in order to stay PM but now you are saying Carbon Tax is a must and the carbon tax will only be passed on to customers???

      Maybe you should try reading/watching non-sensationalist news as this has been answered countless times.

      Please Barry, get over it. Honestly the number of people that act as if a politician has never gone back on a promise before. Abbott has contradicted himself on many occasions as well. His more recent strategy for avoiding this issue himself is to have no policies and, therefore, make no promises at all. If you actually voted for the Labor, and this vote was largely based on the Carbon Tax promise then you have a right to feel ripped off. Otherwise you are making a big deal out of nothing.

      If you can show me any elected official that has delivered on 100% of their promises then I will gladly shutup and eat some humble pie.

        Red, seriously? Barry should just 'get over it'. !?Personally I think he has -every- right to be expect a politician not go back over their promises. The fact that you are prepared to accept this, speaks volumes about you and perhaps explain why they feel free to do it with such frequency.

        Personally I believe politicians should be accountable for breaking promises. So please don't blame someone for being angry when they do, clearly just because you vote for them.

          So no politician should be held to account for lying to the people?? REALLY??? A lie to the people that rips $23 billion out of the economy at a time when business is teetering on the brink for a 0.001 % carbon reduction over 1000 years is stupid and a spit in the face of democracy. If she really believed in it she should have taken a plan to the people and asked for a mandate. If it was good enough for Howard with the GST, then it should have been good enough for her. But its moot now. She's a dead man walking.

    If you could ask the PM one non-political question, what would it be?

    Team Edward, or Team Jacob?

    Who cares? She'll be gone soon anyway.

    My only question is why hasn't Abbott appeared on Q&A or in these more modern type of open question forums?

    To any of you who think this was an actual OPEN Q&A session and wasn't completely staged....


    Why would I watch this? I can see a turd in a toilet bowl any day of the week.

    Q: How can you tell when Julia Gillard is Lying?
    A: Her mouth is Moving

    Think about it it is True !

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