Wacom's Multitouch Cintiq Gets All Your Fingers In On The Action

Less than a year after it was originally unveiled, Wacom has announced an updated version of its largest interactive pen display, the Cintiq 24HD Touch. As the name implies, the device expands its touch functionality beyond just single finger taps. Like your smartphone, you can now perform multi-finger gestures for panning, zooming and rotating your artistic creations.

The 24HD Touch also boasts a display capable of reproducing about 97 per cent of the AdobeRGB gamut, a colour profile often preferred by photographers. This means that while doing colour corrections and post-processing they'll be able to see a better representation of what their shots will actually look like when printed. But these improvements don't come cheap; the Cintiq line of interactive displays have always been pricey, but the 24HD will sell for $US3700 when it ships in August. Clearly, it's targeted at professionals making a living from pixel-pushing, or hobbyists with plenty of disposable income.


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