Vyclone: Make Easy Multi-Angle Videos With Your Friends

Vyclone: Make Easy Multi-Angle Videos With Your Friends

How many times have you heard this from a pseudo-creative friend: “I’d be great at ____, if only I knew the skills. I’ve got an eye for it, man.” Vyclone finally gives you a way to edit videos together and share them online — no skill required. None. Heaven for the lazy!

What does it do?

Vyclone is a social video app that uses geolocation to help you make collaborative videos with people who are nearby. Let’s say you’re at a rock concert and you and three other people whip out phones and capture footage with the app. After it’s all uploaded, the service will automatically sync it using the time and location data, and then edit into a multi-angle video. If you don’t like the way Vyclone’s algorithm stitched the footage together, you can remix it using an idiotproof, real-time editor within the app.

Why do we like it?

At this point, Vyclone doesn’t have many users, but the potential for easily creating great footage is huge. Big events like rock concerts and protests are a natural fit for Vyclone, but it could also be used amongst friends to record multiple angles of a smaller event, like a dinner or a street performer. Editing is a breeze. We just hope all this potential turns into reality when and if more users start using the app.


Download this app for: iPhone (free) The best: easy video creativity The worst: needs more users