Vodafone Australia Is Still Losing Customers

Vodafone's slow backslide continued yesterday as the company announced that it had lost tens of thousands more customers in the last six months, but the telco's new CEO Bill Morrow said that the rot is slowly stopping.

Vodafone Hutchison Australia (VHA) shed another 178,000 customers in the first six months of 2012 according to a report to shareholders from Hutchison Telecoms yesterday (Hutchison is a joint owner of VHA).

That takes VHA's full customer base (combined between the two telcos) down to 6.8 million following the most recent decline, which mostly came out of the telco's post-paid customer base.

Bill Morrow, VHA's new CEO told shareholder to sit tight for the telco's 4G LTE announcements coming later in the year, as well as the results of a review into customer needs.

Vodafone announced its plans to switch on its 4G LTE network next year, but hasn't yet named where the service will be available first.

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    Hardly surprising news. I'm a former three customer, and after they were bought by Vodafone, the service quickly went downhill. Going back to Telstra was the best decision I ever made.

      +1. Though I've been disappointed with Telstra dropping its prepaid data allowances just after I switched

      This. Waiting another month or so before I jump ship as well. Service is just atrocious at the moment.


        Even with so many people going the service is still crappy. Data being the worst. I was a former 3 customer and told to go to vodafone "its much better and faster" .. I have been calling every month complaining that its still slow .. been trying to get out of the contract.. but they are making me wait till dec..

          Call the Telco Ombudsman they will sort you out pretty qucikly.

      I don't even bother calling my better half any more as I have never had a call with her that doesn't drop out all the time.
      SMS? Forget it, takes an average of 15+ minutes to get to her phone.

    No suprise. We were reluctantly ported to them during the last few months of our three contract. While three was ok, sharing part of the telstra network which improved reception in many areas, the extra cost was scary. Ditching that part of the deal with three was a good thing but the shonky reception and totally unreliable 3G data just put the nail in the coffin for our contract. We ported over to Telstra and haven't looked back. Awesome coverage in nearly every single regional town and for some many miles out of town, and 3G high speed Internet in the same places. Couldn't be happier, and the extra cost is minimal.

    My fiance lives in south Sydney and there isn't a conversation that goes by which doesn't drop out.

    Shifted back to Telstra too due to poor coverage but Telstra have been a bit of a hassle with us and I am kinda wishing I was back on Vodafone just for because of the poor service at Telstra. I am thinking as soon as our contract is up with Telstra I may shift back. Ill wait and see how Vodafone goes with their network expansions ect

    Leaving and switching to Telstra in two months when my contract is up. Their customer service isn't as horrible as it used to be and their network is always amazing.

    Vodafone: never again.

    I recently switched back to Voda from Telstra and am regretting it to say the least!! A few days ago, on the phone to a friend and the call cut out. Couldn't make calls for about 30mins, thank goodness for reliable adsl & wifi. Since then ive also had numerous "hello? hello? are you there? i cant here you! ohh..there you are its working again" situations.... still vodaFAIL imo.

    My phone contract finished recently and I've gotta say it's only laziness which means I haven't made the switch yet. Gonna grab myself a new phone on a new network, probably Telstra, very soon.

    Review into customer needs? How about a network that, you know, actually works?

    Almost any time I'm anywhere near a public transport hub (train station, bus terminus) anywhere near peak hour, my mobile is a paperweight. Almost any time there's more than 3 people within two arms reach of me, my mobile is a paperweight.

    Vodafail's network can NOT handle spikes or even very slight rises in people in the area. Their networks get over-congested and therefore fail at the drop of a hat. They're operating too many locations WAY too close to capacity, and considering the number of subscribers has been dropping for over a year now, the fact it's still so bad really says something.

    I've been with Vodafail since 1996. I'm sick of complaining to them. I'm sick of paying for a service I do not receive. I'm sick of them. Only a few more months, that's all I have to put up with it for before I can move networks without a massive contact cancellation charge.

      I really wish you could sue them for breach of contract - by not providing a service that they've agreed to.

    Truth be told, it's probably what they get for the aggressive marketing and from not ripping the band aid off on the 3 network. That said, when the Telstra network gets congested enough, I'll consider Vodafone, especially after my previous trip on Optus.

    *shrug* Voda's service has been OK for me, and they cut me a good 12 month deal for the phone that I wanted. We'll see how data speeds and coverage is in April next year...

      I signed up with Vodafone as soon as i hit these shores some 14 months ago. NEVER had an issue and I live and work in Chatswood. I regularly travel for work from Wetherill Park to Cronulla upto to Cessnock and afar and have no issues with them. Their service is great. The pricing is great and there is are 3 Vodafone shops in Chatswood alone if i have an issue i need to talk face to face about . Keep up the great work Vodafone !

    LOL @

    "the telco’s new CEO Bill Morrow said that the rot is slowly stopping." and
    "down to 6.8 million following the most recent decline, which mostly came out of the telco’s post-paid customer base."

    VHA you are so inept its funny, dont you realise that most people were on a 24 month contract??? the people that have the ability to swap on the sport are the prepaid users!! My contract is finished in october and i will switch, my siter already switched and my wife will swap next year when your contract is up.

    i cant wait to see the starts for the next 6 monhts and the next 12 months to see the downward slide continue and cant wait to hear Bill Morrow 's lame excuse then.

    to everyone, listne up, when they switch on their 4 G network it will be as shit as their 3G netowork is now, and thats if it gets switched on next year.

    i honeslty belive that VHA wants to keep as many customers as possible by either by lying about what is happening or giving thier customers free monthly access so they can find a buyer for VHA, VHA is worthlesss without customers.


    They should just start throwing phones and ipads at people like Optus do.

    Burn in hell Vodafone. Shit coverage, shit service, shit company.

    Telstra for the win... their over the phone service is below par and sorting our accounts is average to painful, but their reception is the best. and that's what I want. :)

    Terrible, terrible coverage and service from Vodafone.

    Calls continually drop out in the middle of Brisbane.

    When I rang up to find out when my plan expired I had to go through them blaming my phone's setup (that they provided). It took 20 minutes to get the information out of them.

    This is what happens when a telco decides its network is not its core business, and puts a bunch of marketing wonks and a side-order of former staff of a certain "top consultancy" in charge. The only point to telco services is reliably connecting customers at a fair price, not race cars, not TV stars with fuzzy hair, and not endless meeting rooms filled with clueless twerps in nice outfits discussing crap all day. And certainly not a network "out-stuffed-up" to a bunch of over-eager swedes who should have stuck to making and selling telco hardware, not operating it, which is a job for people with actual skills in things like capacity planing and network design.

    Tell them not to get too excited, my contract runs out in 12 months or so

    Yeah, damn them to hell! I hope they go out of business real soon so Optus and Telstra can have a nice duopoly and start to jack up prices...

    Some people can be so short sighted.

    To the idiot above vodafone didnt buy 3 they merged and the execs and ceo were mostly from 3. i think the math speaks for itself.

    Alot of trolls here but anyway my vodafone service is definitely gettin better my area is in the progress of being upgrade and whilst its patchy my peak speeds are way better than before. i would be lucky to get 1mbit but sometimes its faster than my adsl of 6mbit now.

    Why is that a surprise! The connectivity is RS (Optus and Telstra promise 100% between Chatswood and Central; where's Vodafone?) and the service isn't clever enough. My wife and I are both on Voda. We became aware that a business account could amalgamate their plans. As my wife is the phone caller and I am the data user it makes sense for us but I was told they can't because we're not a business client. Where's their entrepreneurial get up and go; gone!

    Been with big T since 2002. Their network had always been excellent, until recently they took too many disgruntled ex O, ex V and ex [number] customers. Now big T's network (especially data) is slower, and often more congested, then it used to be. Very often I could not connect at all for data in the morning. On the other hand, my friend who has been sticking with V has seen network connectivity improving recently (we live in the same, inner south, suburb in Brisbane).

    I am a recent Voda customer in Melbourne, and I have to say that their network has really improved recently. I guess it has to do with all the people leaving...so I guess it's good that I'm still sticking around as the highway clears ;)

    Vodafone told.me HSDPA won't have full coverage until 2014 so I don't know where the LTE coverage is going but it ain't anywhere in the physical realm.

    The same employee suggested that Telsta was a great option. He worked in the customer retention team.

    I was a customer of Vodafone for over 14 years. I stayed with them over the coverage issue in 2010 and after moving to Ryde found there was no coverage. They advised that they will upgrade the tower in 3 months time. I asked to exit my contact without fee and they said no.. Contact TIO and was released from my contract free of charge. Vodafone has lost a customer for life. I have also moved my organisation of 500+ services back to telstra as a result of this too. Vodafail!

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