Vodafone Also Works In Sydney Train Tunnels

First Optus, then Telstra, now Vodafone is officially supporting Sydney commuters in train tunnels.

Vodafone customers travelling in the Wynyard North Tunnel, the Central to Town Hall tunnels and Town Hall to Wynyard tunnels will get extra coverage starting from today. North Sydney and Chatswood tunnels to and from Central are also set to receive a boost.

The telco will work with Transport for NSW to boost coverage all over the network over the next 12 months in areas including in the City circle tunnels, and on the Eastern Suburbs, Southern and Western lines.

Image: Jon Oakley



    Dose anyone care about Voda?

      Absolutely not. Do what I and a million other Australians did and move from voda to Telstra. Then you'll even get reception outside of tunnels too!

        I will never go on Telstra. I've had to meny bad experiences with them. Much rather go back to Optus.

        Actually, that was the worst mistake that people did and guess what I did when all the people jumped from Voda to Telstra? I jumped from Optus to Voda...and it's sooo much better, less people, less congestion and great download speeds most of the time :)

          Bet I still get better coverage and speeds in every way with Telstra :)

    Correction: Vodafone ONLY works from Sydney Train Tunnels.
    I'm with Vodafone :(

    I'm with Telstra and the reception in Sydney tunnels is hopeless. Wynyard to Town Hall is rubbish and Town Hall to Central is worse.

    I think that it is pretty clear that it is shared infrastructure/site access was provided by the NSW government, it was a simultaneous switchon which all Telcos are trying to take credit for.

    Still doesn't work on city circle stations

    Everything works here in Queensland. That's why we have the G4.. Vodafone is great here. (my tounge is firmly in cheek :) )

    I was curious about how Telstra and Optus working in the tunnel would effect my Desire HD on Vodafone... If I did get reception I would not get any why the train was moving., and did get "H" whilst the train was stopped at town hall.

    Not too good.

    Too bad my data drops out every 5 minutes for 5 minutes aye Vodafail

    Voda still doesn't work on the Roseville Bridge. Say whaaaaattt?

    What's a vodafone. I have a Telstra SGS2 and iPhone 4S. I find the iPhone gets slightly better data at Town Hall. But data in the tunnels is still rubbish

    I used to work in Voda, and have friends that used to work in Optus and Telstra... just telling you, all telcos are the same, when you switch to one, you'll find some reason to switch to another.

    Looks like you'll have to go into the sydnentunnels to make a call send a text or surf the web now because you've got bugger all chance anywhere else.

    I was wondering why the guard on the CityRail train last night was reading an advertisement for Vodafone over the PA system

    I'd be happier if I had reception outside of the tunnel.

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