Virgin Mobile Simplifies Postpaid Plan Offering

In a bid to simplify its postpaid customer offerings, Virgin Mobile has trimmed the number of plans it offers down from nine to five plans, while at the same time committing to launch 4G for its customers before the end of the calendar year.

The new plans look a bit like this:

The notable differences in the plans include the elimination of a lot of the telco's Fair Go plans. The $49 and $59 tiers remain, while the $19, $29 and $39 tiers have been banished.

Here's what the plans used to look like:

Virgin's handsets on the new plans only include a variety of smartphones from the iPhone 4S through to Windows Phones and Android handsets.

Virgin Mobile also committed today to launching 4G capabilities (leveraged over from Optus) before the end of the calendar year. There's no exact details on when or where it will launch, but Virgin expect that it will launch in step with Optus' own 4G network.

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