Upgrading To Windows 8 Will Only Cost You $40

If you're on Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 -- and if you're reading this site and a human, you better be at least -- upgrading to Windows 8 is going to be dirt cheap: only 40 bucks for a digital download in 131 countries, including Australia.

The $40 upgrade price for Windows 8 Pro lasts from the Windows 8 launch (sometime later this year) until January 31, 2013. The way the cheapo upgrade works is through Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant, which will give you step-by-step instructions on how to install and check your PC to see if you meet up to the system requirements. If you hate downloading software and/or collect DVDs, you can get a retail copy of Windows 8 for $70 during this promotion period. Either way, it's going to be very affordable to upgrade to Windows 8. [Windows Team Blog via Forbes and Lifehacker]


    Hell yeah! I was gonna give it a miss because I assumed it'd be 400+ Thanks giz.

      $400+? I can't remember ever paying anything even close to that for a Windows operating system EVER. In fact I can't remember paying more than about $150. You were getting absurdly ripped off if you paid $400 for Windows.

      Still, $40 or $70 for a boxed version is quite good...so despite the fact that I only relatively recently upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 7, I might make the leap to Windows 8, though the rational part of me is saying to wait at least 6 months for the updates before taking the plunge.

      This all depends on how good the Surface turns out to be I guess. If the Surface Pro is good, I might grab one, and it will then make a lot of sense to upgrade my PC to Windows 8. But we'll see.

        If he was running Windows ME (god forbid) and wanted to upgrade to Windows 7, he would have had to have paid full price for Windows. OEM or Standard Upgrading pricing is generally about the cost you're referring to.

        I'm pretty sure Vista and 7 ultimate retailed at above 400 on release... I only ever used OEM versions of windows, the ones shipped with my PC or Linux distros. The first time I ever paid seperately was for windows 7, about a month ago when I had to license my pirated copy, it cost me $150 and they emailed me a product key and mailed me a disc. I'll be upgrading to windows 8 as soon as it's available! I've already tried consumer preview and loved it. It's almost like the operating system and the internet have become one.

        When Vista was launched, the ultimate version cost $700.

          This is because Ultimate was only ever deemed to be a company license. Why the F you would ever need Ultimate for the home environment is beyond me. Home Premium was more than enough for anyone to use.

          When 8 launches I'll do the same thing I've always done. Visit my local PC shop and get the nice guys there to sell me a full copy of the OEM cheap. Most small PC stores are likely to do this, just be friendly to the staff and they're sure to help you out :)

            I bought Ultimate Vista because I wanted a home media centre I could remote desktop to.

              +1. Ultimate was the only version that included Media Centre and Remote Desktop.

              Ah yes, it did have it's reasons and it wasn't cheap (I never purchased ultimate)... Another feature exclusive to ultimate was the motion wallpaper and ultimate upgrades. Remember that innovation?

                There is that, I will give you that. I ended up getting third party software later on to do that. Though that's not to say I could do it straight away like you would've been able to and it was more cumbersome to do so.

            Texas hold'em, duh

    So they're copying what Apple does?

      Imitation is the best form of flattery

        Tell that to samsung.

          It's not like apple invents things, they just do a nice design designs and market well.

          The subtle difference between 'copy' and 'inspired by'.

      I lol'ed. I don't care who decided that if you price your product at a price everyone can afford that people will buy it. Are you saying you want to pay more?

        holy crap, two pieces of Microsoft software I'm going to buy now (besides OEM for my home laptop) Bought Windows Home Server as it's awesome and backs up everything in my house to one location and now this :)

        Good move MS in deed

        Meh.. I was planning to wait till I bought a new PC but now I'll also update my current workhorse and one of my friends is doing the same after this announcement.. sounds like a pretty smart move on their part to me. They need to ramp up the market penetration quickly to inspire developers to churn out metro apps.

      How is charging an affordable price copying what Apple does? It's the complete opposite of what Apple does.

        He meant desktop OS upgrade prices. Apple has been charging about 30 bucks for a Snow Leopard and Lion upgrade.

          Apple charges $30 for service packs while Microsoft releases these for free.

          there hasn't been a new OS from Apple since OSX

          Those are point upgrades, not full version prices. AFAIK, Apple is the only company in the universe that charges anything at all for point upgrades.

      Far from "copying what Apple does", they are doing the complete opposite. i.e. Apple rip their customers off at every opportunity, MS are foregoing said opportunity and giving everyone what amounts to a gift.

        Get over your problem with Apple. Microsoft are just as evil as Apple. We get it you hate Apple. But you are not doing Microsoft any justice by lying about Apple. Make's you sound like a moron. I don't use Apple products but I don't hate just for hating and I know what products and pricing they have as I like to read about tech and have setup some Apple products for family and friends. You sound like the guys at work. Never touch an Apple product in their life but are happy to bitch and moan about Apple all day.

          I'm sorry, "lying about Apple"? How exactly did you come to that conclusion? Here are the version numbers for recent versions of OS X -
          Leopard - 10.5
          Snow Leopard - 10.6
          Lion - 10.7
          Mountain Lion - 10.8

          See a pattern here?

          Of course, I do a lot more than read about tech, I sit in front of a Mac for hours every day at work and then I go home and sit in front of a PC for hours more. i.e. Every day I get to do an A/B comparison of each system, doing many of the same sorts of tasks. I certainly wouldn't say I hate Apple any more than I hate Microsoft. What I hate is ignorant morons who are incapable of objective assessment. There are good and valid reasons to choose a Mac over a PC but I only know of a tiny minority of owners who have ever used any of them. The vast majority buy them on the perception that they are somehow better. They are not.

        MS are ripping customers off. Apple's OSs are $10 cheaper.

        MS are only doing this because OSX Lion was the fastest selling OS ever.

        This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

        Microsoft give you free service packs on computers and charge you for an OS upgrade while Apple charge for service packs.

        Apple give free OS updates for their Phones yearly while Microsoft give free service packs and require you to buy a new device for an OS upgrade.

        They're as bad as each other, they've both just picked a single market to be good at.

      Also, are you forgetting that if it weren't for Microsoft, there wouldn't BE any apple.

        This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      I feel like I have said this a million times, but...
      If MS were copying Apple, they'd be charging for Service Packs. Leopard to Snow Leopard, and Lion to Mountain Lion, are akin Service Packs, like XP->XP SP1. In regard to OS pricing, I hope MS never use Apple's model.

        Leopard to Snow Leopard, and Lion to Mountain Lion aren't service packs as XP to Vista, and Windows 7 to Windows 8 are. Again I don't use Apple. But I am not going to hate just for hating.

          Should be "Windows 8 aren't".

        You clearly have never used anything OSX related. Tiger to Leopard to Snow Leopard to Lion, were major upgrades. From PPC to Intel, 32 bit to 64 bit. Not service upgrades, but what would you know. You probably were the one who bought Vista for what $240, $400?

    TBH I plan to have Win7 Pro on my current machine 'till it drops dead. Getting a new (touchscreen) machine for Win8 thanks to Metro. However there are still plenty of people running XP who really, really ought to update. $40 is a damn good deal when going from a 12 year old OS to a brand new one - and AFAIK just about any PC that can run XP without choking can run Win8.

    Nice. Gonna definately grab a copy now for a tablet PC that i have as a spare.

    IMO though, the metro interface shouldn't be on a standard, non touchy screen PC.

      It isn't. My laptop boots through to the desktop. It pauses on the Start Screen for 15-20 seconds but if I leave it alone it will always end up on the desktop.

    Wow, nice price, think I might upgrade have a ton of windows xp keys and a few windows 7 keys.

    Its about time they started charging less. It will also hopefully reduce the amount of piracy that goes on for Windows operating systems. Seeing as its so cheap, hopefully people will pay rather than try and pirate a copy. Win win for everyone.

      ... Meanwhile, back in the real world....

        What does this comment even mean?

        This will be the first real version of Windows that i ever have had, thanks to the nice pricing

          MoronMouth's comment means that he is such an incredible tightarse that he will still get a pirate copy

          You realise you may need a 'real' version of the previous OS before you try and upgrade right...

            the version i have is 'real' in terms of Microsoft's servers think it is real, i get real updates, Security essential updates, Office updates etc. It passes the online validity check and the corp. check.

            Failing that, ill just do this: "you can get a retail copy of Windows 8 for $70 during this promotion period"

          Yeah, right. Why would you pay for something you have never paid for in the past? Sheeple are either honest or they are not. I have never used anything but a legitimate Windows license in my life, nor would I. It would be like buying a car with a blown motor and stealing a new engine for it. And before you start carrying on about them charging too much, you have absolutely no idea how much it costs them to develop it or at what price thy break even. I'll guarantee this $40 offer is a loss leader, designed to get as many users on board as they can, as quickly as possible, to spur app development. I think MS probably see it as make-or-break time for them.

            Because eventually it gets to a point that paying is easier than pirating.

            People grow up and earn more money while products become cheaper and easier to get.

            If you were correct iTunes wouldn't make a cent and everyone would still be using file sharing software for music instead of people flocking to cheap online music ecosystems and finding small files like music through torrents is becoming harder and harder.

        Back in the real world? Oh, the real world that would be all about who cares about OS-Anything in the business world, that it doesn't matter what M$ decide to charge, business will go with it anyway because there's still no viable alternative, that M$ could be charging an arm and a leg for it but aren't for a change. That real world? Wake up mate and get a clue.

          Read the comment to which I was responding. The "real world" to which I was referring is the one that sees sheeple stealing software no matter how cheap it is.

            This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

        Am I correct in my interpretation, that your comment was meant to imply that pirates will pirate, no matter the cost?

    Like hell I'l be upgrading from 7 to 8. Ignore the fact that this is the "bad" version, I'm not going to cover my screen with a bunch of technicolor boxes, preventing me from seeing my desktop picture! Keira Knightley and Jesica Alba stay right where they are thank you very much!

      Or you could upgrade your OS and upgrade from your hand to a real girl

      You still have access to the desktop, and it looks exactly the same as it always has. The boxes are on the new 'start menu'. There is a big misconception that the Metro interface replaces the desktop. It doesn't, it replaces the start button/menu.

      You can still have your fappable ladies on your desktop ;)

    They'll (MS) have to convince me they've sorted the issues of the RP before I buy it. CP was ok but RP is rubbish. I don't know what they did after CP which installed and ran without a hitch. RP just doesn't want to know; black screen and freeze after the install just starts!

    My experience from the consumer preview. It's rubbish. I will stick with 7 thanks.

      Care to elaborate? My experience is that it is 99% the same and the other 1% is all improvement. Seriously, I can't see why anyone who is happy with Win7 would find Win8 any different. It is so similar it could easily be Windows 7.2 (if Windows 7 wasn't really Windows 6.1). There is a new Start Menu, a new environment for touchscreens that users on desktop/laptop can pretty much ignore completely if they want to and a few little enhancements here and there. For PC users the changes are only incremental. I certainly don't find it as big a change as XP to Vista/Win7 was.

    Damn wish I kept my legal copy of XP :(

    Surely, for $40, it's worth the purchase. You don't necessarily have to use/install it, but at least you have the option to - down the track when they release SP1. Better safe (at $40) than sorry (at $400).

    Not a bargain... I'm getting 5 copies for free through MSDNAA

    If you purchse a Windows PC from now until January 30th 2013 you can get the upgrade for $14.99. Register here and you will be notified when it's up for purchase :-) https://windowsupgradeoffer.com/en-US/

    Media Centre is also included in the upgrade making it even better value, considering MS plan to sell it as separate add-on pack for Windows 8.

    Having tried the Windows 8 release, I think MS should pay us $40 to upgrade, not the other way around. There is no way I am "upgrading" from Windows 7. It should be called the "Windows 8 downgrade assistant".

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