Upcoming Web Series Borrows Much From Community's Inspector Spacetime

Which, in turn, rips the hell out of Doctor Who. Even with such obvious roots, the fictional Inspector Spacetime, from NBC's Community, has managed to make its own, small stamp on popular culture, enough to inspire people to create a web mini-series detailing the exploits of this space/time-travelling protector of the universe. As long as it's not called "Inspector Spacetime".

Blastr reports that the project featured the more straightforward name, but NBC forced creator Siv-Art Productions to change it. The result? "Untitled Web Series About a Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time." Which says it all, really.

The series, a six-parter, is "only a few weeks away" according to Siv-Art. The trailer above is funny enough and the voice-over is well done. Hopefully this will translate to a decent series that isn't too true to its source material, lest it be legally destroyed by NBC.

[YouTube, via Blastr]

Image: Siv-Art Productions

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    The actor playing The Inspector is the same actor who played it on Community, and he wrote the web-series. He offered to NBC/Sony for them to produce it as webisodes to go alongside Community, but they said no. So he decided that because there was absolutely nothing in his scripts that impinged on stuff written by the Community writers (apart from the title), that he'd just go ahead and make it himself, being crowdfunded.

    The actor who played Inspector Spacetime is really cashing in on his 15 secs of fame. He raised $25K for the web series and paying the crew zip. That means a bunch of Dr. Who and Community fans just bought this guy some nice production equipment. He's even selling Tshirts and posters! Good for him...

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