Unlocking The Master Lock DialSpeed Is Like Playing A Video Game

This Master Lock dialSpeed ditches the old combination wheels of yore and flimsy directional joysticks of two years ago for something more techy: an electronic directional interface that's more like a d-pad than a lock. You can customise the code, create multiple unlock codes, and if you've forgotten 'em all, use a master code.

The dialSpeed has a permanent backup master code you can dig up at Masterlockvault.com but if you want to get creative, you can program your own directional code with an option for three guest codes (cue: Contra code). And though the dialSpeed looks and sounds a lot like the Master Lock Speed Dial, the Speed Dial used an analogue joystick to register directions, the dialSpeed unlocks itself by tapping the directional arrows.

To get a better idea, the video shows how the Master Lock dialSpeed works. If you can find a way to get it into Australia, it'll set you back $US25. [Master Lock via Uncrate]



    God these are going to be easy to hack. I'll just run around spamming the Konami Code.

    and if the batteries run flat while its locked?

    Why do manufacturers insist on the wanky big white box packaging for cheap goods such as this? I mean, other than appealing to the wanky consumers who think that this signifies quality.

    Welcome to the new fad for school lockers

    Now you can finally use the Hadouken to unlock your bike.

    They filmed it with a potato...

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