Turn Your Swag On With Soulja Boy's Bewildering Branded Tablet

If you're looking to pick up a tablet, but the iPad isn't weird enough for you, Soulja Boy has got you covered. The new Tiger Shark Soulja Boy Edition is just what you need to puzzle and disgust your friends.

Apparently trying to apply his utter rap genius to tablet endorsement, Soulja Boy has lent his name and likeness to the sefen-inch Takova Android tab because someone seems to think that might help it sell. That said, at a $US599 price point, it's not exactly the best deal on the market, but it does come with an FM radio tuner. If you're a Soulja Boy fan, what more could you possibly ask for? Besides maybe a better taste in music. [Takova via TechCrunch]


    "sefen-inch tablet" interesting

    Soulja Boy is an Tosser.

    Man, this article is 100% correct. Soulja Boy is a downright wanker.

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