This New Zealand Beach House Was Built For Its Beautiful Views

Built almost entirely from sourced timber, the Tutukaka Beach House is a stunning, modern home, located about two-and-a-half hours outside of Auckland on the northwest coast of Northland.

Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects, the firm behind Tutukaka, designed the home on central east/west plan, so as to take advantage of the spectacular views and abundant natural light.

A translucent screen runs along the north-facing side of the house, filtering sunlight and showing off the gorgeous natural scenery. Stained cedar shiplap cladding and hoop pine plywood line the walls and ceilings of the home's interior.

Tutukaka's most prominent feature are the shutters that, when opened, allow sunlight to flood the spacious open floor plan. Closed, the shutters protect the house against the elements (as well as intruders) and help to regulate the temperature indoors. [Inhabitat]


    Um, why did I read this?

    Because shutters on windows qualifies as a gadget.

    but no pictures of the views....

    "Sourced timber"? Is there a word missing?

      Sourced timber bro

    Didn't realise anyone still lived in NZ.

    I think there something missing from this story - a story. WTF was this even about.

    Well here in NZ they have built a house from wood apparently sourced, with views and it has doors that open and close, a roof to protect you from the elements blah blah boring blah.

    I've been looking at a map of New Zealand and am struggling to find "Northland"

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