This Magnesium Firestarter Will Impress Fellow Outdoorsmen, May Save Your Life

If you get lost in the bush, sooner or later you're going to run out of waterproof matches. Right? Or at least that's why I always go hiking with a block of magnesium in my bag. This handy firestarter tool takes that rudimentary lifesaver to a magnificent new level.

The Magnesium Fire Starter from Kaufmann Mercantile has a block that's magnesium with a strip of flint on top, which is attached to an elk antler handle and a steel striker (the antler is found, not pulled off a live animal, by the way).

Flint is a well-known fire starting substance, but magnesium is the real magic. Magnesium shavings will burn at 5610-degrees in basically any conditions. That means when everything's all wet and you're out of options, you can light a fire with a flick of the steel striker against the magnesium.

But more than just a tool that might someday in the future save you from death, the handmade firestarter is totally beautiful. It's something worth having just to hang from your mantle. That it can vanquish firestarting obstacles is just an added bonus. It's available now for $US36. [Kaufmann Mercantile via Gear Culture]

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