This Is Australia's House Of The Year

A few hours' drive (and a ferry trip) south of Hobart, Tasmania's Bruny Island is just one of Australia's many retreats that boasts beautiful views, untouched natural environs and delicious produce. It's also home to the country's House of the Year for 2012, at least, in the eyes of Houses magazine.

"Shearer's Quarters" is a 130m² residential property situated on a 440-hectare, operational sheep farm on the island. It was designed by Melbourne-based John Wardle Architects and is constructed of "convict-era handmade" bricks and recycled wood taken from apple crates.

Looks like a nice place to holiday in, though the constant sound of bleating sheep might keep you up at night. I guess you could always stay up and count them.

A few more photos of the interior can be found at the Houses Awards link below.

[Houses Awards, via Inhabitat]

Photos: Trevor Mein


    Absolute rubbish, as expected.

      Why, looks pretty damn good to me.

      Yeah, who do they think they ARE? You tell 'em Bruwer! :P

    I was a sheep (wool) farmer and I can assure that the sheep will not keep you awake at night; they will be asleep too. By day they only vocalise when disturbed or when looking for lambs or parents. I never did find the sounds sheep make to be unpleasant, unless they were in a state of panic.

    As to the house, it looks very attractive to me and I cannot imagine why Bruwer think it is rubbish.

    There's a house just down the road from me that I'd say is better than this (I live in northern Tasmania), although I'm sure even still there's heaps of better houses than this in Australia! It looks like a big shed from the outside.

    This house is probably very good..........for Tassy standards. Lol.

    People still live in Tasmania?!?! I thought that place was only for storage!

    Don't these modern architects have any concept of the word
    "privacy" ?

    Who judges these competitions? Seriously, just cos it is built with crates doesnt mean it should get an award. Next year, a house made out of Kangaroo sh!t will win an award for most natural house.

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