This iPhone Case Conceals A 650,000 Volt Stun Gun

On the weekend I read a troubling story about a Wall Street Journal reporter who had his jaw "split in half" by a group of thieves who stole an iPad from his partner while on the New York subway. That's an awful story, but perhaps he could have benefited from this iPhone case which — for defensive purposes only — conceals a 650,000 volt stun gun inside. Whoa.

It's called the Yellow Jacket and it's around $US15,000 away from being fully funded on Indiegogo. The Yellow Jacket can not only keep you safe thanks to the enormous stun gun concealed within, but it can also power your phone for an additional 20 hours.

The team behind the Yellow Jacket assure that it won't go off while your phone is against your face on a call, nor will it zap your leg off as you stick it in your pants:

While creating this product, we realized that this would be a device people would place next to their face. Because of this, CREATING A SAFE PRODUCT WAS THE NUMBER ONE FOCUS OF OUR DESIGN TEAM. Yellow Jacket features a safety switch and a rotating electrode cap, both intended to prevent accidental discharge.

In less than a second, a user can disable these safety mechanisms by moving the switch forward, rotating the cap downward and then be ready to press the activation button to fire the electrodes and be prepared to confront an assailant.

It's comparable in size to an external battery pack and weighs about the same.

If you choose to fund this electrode-based lunacy, you'll be parting with $US100. So far just under 500 people have claimed the basic Yellow Jacket and the team have just enough to start a minimum production run.

Surely this can't be legal. Surely it's too nuts to even exist. The world's not that mad...right?

As bonkers as this device is, the man behind the project was himself attacked last year in a home invasion according to his video, so he's not exactly talking out of his arse on this one.

What do you think? Does a stun gun belong in a smartphone? Can it keep you safe? [Indiegogo]



    I wonder if they chose what appeared to be a Jamaican man for the video on purpose.

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    That is brilliant! But surely if you are using it as extended battery life for your iPhone then wouldn't the stun not be very powerful if the battery is say at 20%?

    Does it the phone as well after the jolt? If it does, there absolutely no point in having this.

    "you’ll be parting with $US100"
    -and your freedom when customs find it in the post.

    Assuming that is like most stun guns that have 1 shot id say the first guy you hit will go down, his 3 pals will beat the crap out of you and take your phone .

    i wonder if 650 000 volts is realy possible in such a small package. i understand how they are doing it and could knock up a stun gun myself if i wanted too, but such high voltage needs realy good insulation resistance or the electricity jumps across circuit board tracks, through plastics and anywhere else it can. 60 000v would be more than enough

    Customs and airport security have been given the heads up on thi

    So it's a stun gun,,,,,,with a phone stuck on it.

    doesnt look like it will protect the phone :S

    The accidental discharge stories of this device could be hilarious.
    I approve of this darwin award inspiring piece of technology.

    Only a matter of time 'MagnaVolt' had to exist

    And what's to stop assailants from buying one and using it to launch their attack in the first place? The victim would be unable to respond and the assailant would grab his weapon to double his armoury...

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