This Incredible High-Speed Ticker Board Mimics Your Motion

Near New York's Penn Station, where an old electromagnetic ticker board displays train arrivals and departures, designers have installed a modern take on the ticker at Harold Square. Watch this video — it's absolutely hypnotic.

The 7m x 4m board has 44,000 electromagnetic dots that have been hacked to spin 15 times faster than usual. The board's initially covered in what appears to be random assortment of words. But as you walk up to it, the dots start flipping around, recreating your motion in black and white and sending the words dashing away in every direction. After clearing most of the board, the remaining words and letters assemble themselves into a hidden message.

Breakfast, the designers, calls the project the Reactive Super-Speed Electromagnetic Dot Display, and we should note from the outset that it's a promotional scheme for TNT's new crime drama Perception. Whether or not the show sucks, at least it spawned this wonderful work of art. [Breakfast]

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