This Impressive PlayStation 3 Collection Is For Sale

Amassing a huge collection of games is no mean feat. It takes a lot of hard work, but in the end you're rewarded with a massive shelf full of awesome games staring back at you. If you don't feel like doing all that work, then why not pick up this massive collection of games currently for sale on Gumtree?

Mark Gibbons is passionate about gaming. PS3 in particular. Since 2008, he's spent over $20,000 on games for his personal collection. His collection hit around 600 at its peak, but now he's trying to offload all of it.

His item lot on Gumtree only sees him selling half of his collection, but it's still over 300 different games -- all of which he says he's finished.

Why is he selling them? He told us that he needs to pay for something like a motorbike to get him to work. It's always sad when transport and the real world trumps the pursuit of a passionate collector.

All 300-plus games are for sale at once on Gumtree for just shy of $1000, but if you want, you could even swap him an iPad, iPhone or motorbike for the collection.

Thanks to Isaacson for sending this one our way.

What's your collection worth in total? [Gumtree]

Image: Mark Gibbons

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    I struggle to play the games I already have, and the new PS+ program made it even harder to keep up. How the hell does anyone have the time to play all these games in full?

    1. Buy 300 games for $1000
    2. Take into EB Games and trade them in at a minimum of about $5 each
    3. ????
    4. Profit

    the games in the image are all xbox 360 games (or at least in the green cases used exclusively for 360 games)?

    Does the glass counter that he also stole from the game shop come with the games? Looks dodgy to me, they have preowned stickers on them.

    they're all xbox


    Something about this seems dodgy.. I don't know if its the pics looking like their from Google images or the fact he asks for 900 for 300 games then only lists like 50 with the excuse that's how many gum tree allows him when he could of easily formatted the list differently to write more.
    Plus there's several Japanese games in there and he said ps3 but there's pics of xbox and vita games. 0.o

    its most likely a pawn shop owner clearing out stock.

    that main pic has been used in plenty of previous blog posts (thankyou google image search by image) so having it on the sale page is quite the scam. One way to get attention for a small sale I guess, but does nothing to inspire trust in the sale.

    This is mainly 360 games. I collect from all consoles. This bundle is $1,000 for 74 PS3 Games. Just a quick update.

    360 games were kept away, and donated as I don't play them. My PS3 collection was mainly new. - Mark

    You should check out 'TheLastGamer' on YouTube; the dude, Joel Hopkins, has the biggest gaming collection, plus more! Seriously... this is nothing!

    But how can he sell "Get Fit with Mel B"???


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