This Emergency Pop-Up Shelter Is Also The Perfect Bachelor Pad

The shipping container-sized EDV-01 is designed to be delivered to a disaster area and automatically transform into an emergency shelter. When deployed, two people can live in the temporary structure for up to a month, complete with amenities such as running water and electricity.

A set of lithium batteries store the energy generated by solar cells in the day and a fuel cell at night. An 80-litre tank provides enough water for cleaning, drinking and cooking. But to keep water usage to a minimum, a composting toilet turns waste into material suitable for starting a garden.

In a disaster situation, the EDV-01 can be set up and running in just minutes after it's been delivered, and in the event that local communications networks are down, a satellite linkup lets the inhabitants stay connected to the outside world. Alternately, you can just call it in and erect it on your parent's front lawn for the perfect rent-free bachelor pad. [DigInfo TV]


    make it larger to accomodate 2 adults and 2 children, and you got yourself the perfect emergency shelter

    That's an 800 litre tank, not 80 litres.

    I want one for my mother to stay when she visits. Why only one
    month? Is it biodegradable? A good selling point for me anyway as
    mum usually wears out her welcome after a week....

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