This Dog-Shaped Scratching Post Is Sure To Fuel The Dogs Vs. Cats Debate

If there's one thing that can divide the nation greater than the Coke vs. Pepsi debate, it's the question of what makes the better housepet. Dog and cat supporters are fervent in their belief that their respective companions are the superior pet, and this dog-shaped scratching post doesn't help calm that debate.

It's almost like a canine effigy, but instead of being burned in the public square, it will slowly be torn to shreds in someone's living room by a cat who probably doesn't even realise what it's supposed to be. It's also $US600, and for that much money you might as well just buy another couch that your cats can rip to shreds, instead of adding fuel to the fire of this pointless debate. Because as everyone already knows, goldfish are the better pet anyways.

[Erik Stehmann via bookofjoe]


    lol the first one is all like IM SCRATCHIN HIS EYES OUT ROWR!

    I have one of this since about 2 months and you can't imagine what a joy it give for the cat as well as for me. No more ugly cratchpole and for the one's be afraid it will role over. My cat is 6,7 kg, has masses of energy by never managed to kick the dog hard enough to make it role over.
    I had looked for a scratchpole in the shop around the corner but found DOG at a Dutch Design internet-shop that ships even worldwide.

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