This Data Centre Is Protected By A Fortress

If you want to know how to protect a data centre in 2012 you don't have to look further than the QTS Richmond Data Center. With what seems like a fortress surrounding it, the data centre meets all the US Department of Defence anti-terrorism force protection physical requirements.

That's serious stuff. Here's what else the QTS Richmond Data centre does to protect itself:

  • 150m setback to all buildings surrounded by an energized fence protecting the campus perimeter
  • K-12 delta vehicle barriers with K-12 rated fencing at all vehicle entrances
  • Hardened 24x7x365 visitor screening facility rated National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Ballistic Level 3
  • Metal detection devices and x-ray scanning instruments screen all visitors
  • Central command centre with 24x7x365 security staff with roving armed security officers
  • Security monitoring with video surveillance and security cameras
  • Card access, biometric fingerprint and iris scan identification systems throughout the facility
  • In other words, it looks like one of those buildings where you could only break in if you were starring in a heist movie and looked like George Clooney. The QTS Richmond Data Center had originally been a semiconductor fabrication facility but has been undergoing a conversion process to amp up its security measures for the past two years. From the sounds of it, no one will be breaking in. [Quality Tech]

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