This Bluetooth Keyboard Connects To 10 Devices All At Once

Even for perfect touch-typists, switching between different keyboards takes a bit of adjustment. So if you work with several different devices or computers throughout your day, the wireless KBtalKing Pro lets you stick with a single familiar keyboard. But for 10 devices at once? That's just overkill.

We do appreciate the KBtalKing Pro's mechanical keys — like the ones you find on old IBM models that typing aficionados still adore — since most wireless keyboards are designed to be slim, portable and often flimsy. The wireless functionality is also fantastic, but support for 10 devices at once seems more like a marketing bullet point than practical functionality. Even IT personnel would probably max out at around five devices, with a desktop, a couple of laptops, a tablet and a smartphone all connected at once.

So with a $US159 price tag, you're probably paying for functionality you'll never need. Not to mention that trying to remember which device corresponds to which keyboard shortcut for switching between devices would seemingly require a Rain Man-like memory.

[KBtalKing via The Red Ferret Journal]

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