This Bag Uses Medieval Technology To Protect Your Laptop From Thieves

You might think you're fooling thieves by choosing a colourful laptop bag that doesn't look the part, but the added weight makes it really obvious you're carrying precious cargo. So the React Messenger Bag from Travelon adds several layers of extra security, including the use of medieval chainmail.

Thankfully, though, the bag doesn't look or feel like a suit of armour. The slash-proof outer layer ensures that someone with a sharp knife isn't able to just hack open your bag and empty its contents, while a cut-proof shoulder strap makes it harder to snatch while you're wearing it. The React bag also uses locking caribiners to keep the main compartment closed, and to let you lock it up to a chair or table leg for extra security when it's off your person. And the $US100 price tag is easier to justify when you consider it's like extra insurance for your gear.

[Travelon via The Gadgeteer]

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