This Apple Store's Huge Glass Panel Is Stunning

The SoHo Apple Store in New York City has just opened its doors after its recent renovation and Core 77 has noticed something amazing: the stunning new glass panels flanking its stairs. At more than nine metres long each, these things are impossibly huge and beautiful.

We already know that Apple is obsessed with materials -- especially glass -- both for their products and their stores. The company is building another Apple Store that will be made almost entirely of glass, and it recently rebuilt the cube at the Fifth Avenue store with 10m long panels to make it almost seamless.

The stairs at the SoHo store are equally as impressive, if not more. They appear as single glass pieces that zigzag up to the second level. Unlike the older stairs, which had many sections, these ones are just one -- completely seamless. If you look closer, you can see each side is made of five mammoth panels sandwiched into one, but each of them is cut from a single piece. A truly impressive feat. [Core 77]


    I look at it and feel sorry for the poor basic wage cleaner who has to clean or the customers greasy hand prints off it. Think Different,

      No worries. I'm sure they've taken out an Applecare Protection Plan for it.

    I was at Hamburg Apple store on the weekend and they had the same thing too.

    I'd hate to be the fatso who cracks one of those steps and falls right through it, ending up with a crap load of cuts.

    Having some idea what it costs to replace the large panes of glass on shopfronts, I'd hate to see what it would cost to replace one of these panels.

    Also.. modesty? Given what teen and twentysomething women tend to wear in the name of fashion these days, these would seem to be removing any hope of them retaining any modesty at all. Oh well, I'm sure the male "Genius' " will be appreciative.

      These are Apple fans, remember? ;)

        Isn't the floor of the staircase made from frosted glass?

        Anyway, if the skirt is that short then I don't think modesty was their biggest concern! ;-) unless they pull a 'Britany Spears getting out of the car'! Hehe...

    Quite an expensive monument to commerce. Reminds me of those strange mega-church places you see dotted about the US landscape. There's quite a thematic connection.
    Very impressive nonetheless.

    Wow. Glass stairs! Why didn't anyone think of this before!
    /slaps forehead

    Where's the iPhone 5 dock go?

    Keep in mind it wasn't Apple who designed/maufactured/installed these... They're just the ones with the deep pockets and the style/ideas.

    Kudos to the factory who developed the glass (and the truck driver who transported it there).

      Well actually it was Steve Jobs who came up with the design "look" of all Apple stores, built from a suit of design characteristics, in conjunction with architects Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, and the San Francisco design firm Eight Inc. This one was overseen by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, architects. Steve Jobs oversaw all the designs of each store, including this one.

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