These Wristbands Are Officially The Most Complicated Way To Text Someone

The kids are all about texting these days, right? So Hallmark — of all companies — has created these wristbands that allow the young people to exchange simple 10 character messages. But while they're cheaper than a mobile phone, they're far less convenient to use.

Since there's no keyboard, voice recognition, or even a touchscreen, messages have to be slowly spelled out using just a set of three buttons. And because they're limited to just 10 characters, it only encourages kids to use their ridiculous shortforms that's only serving to create a nation of terrible spellers. And since the Text Bands sell for just $US15, their wireless communication capabilities are obviously severely limited.

In fact, to exchange a message with someone you actually have to bump fists or high-five with each other. Which doesn't give you much time to beat a hasty retreat if you're letting someone know they're being an @$$. [Text Bands]

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