These Sweet-Looking Cycling Shoes Give You More Power, Less Ugly

Bicycle commuters like me face a conundrum: Use regular platform pedals and get about half the power out of our strokes (pulling up is just as important as pushing down), or use "clipless" pedals and deal with the annoyingly ugly special shoes.

This means either toting an extra pair of kicks to the office or clacking around in bike shoes all day. Carrying extra stuff really cramps the streamlined life I'm trying to lead, and bike-specific shoes are generally as ugly as any other item of bike-specific clothing. Neither option is a good option, at least for me.

Innovative companies have certainly made casual shoes with clipless cleats in them before, but they usually look like they belong at the skate park. But my problems appear to be a thing of the past, because I just stumbled across these DZR Concubines: a pair of Shimano SPD-compatible casual clipless sneaks that I would probably wear even if they didn't hook me into my bike.

Despite fancy appearances though, these seem from the description at least to be pretty solid bike shoes: There's a special reinforced shank that let's you maximise the power you're sending to the crank, a burly webbing strap that'll help you get these slip-ons tight enough that your foot isn't flopping around inside, and, like I said, they hook into the insanely popular Shimano SPD clipless system.

My finger's still on the button, but if I end up purchasing, I'll let you know how they work. Anyone out there have experience with these? Have you found any shoes that are better? [DZR]



    They still look like skate shoes, except I doubt many skaters would be seen dead with Velco :p

    Yeah, I am not so sure about "fancy appearance" Also, there are already a ton of shoes like this for SPD clips. What I want to see is a solution for road clips.

    A brand called CHROME make an SPD compatible sneaker called the Kursk Pro. My research implied that the DZR range were better both on the bike and off. Also considering a pair even though I prefer the look of the Kursk Pro.

    I used to use Shimano's take on commuter shoes the MT33. They were right in the middle of mountain bike shoes and sneakers. They weren't as stiff as my specialized road shoes but they fit like a good pair of trainers. Best of all, you could wear them in the office all day and people wouldn't think twice.

    Link -

    Not sure what shoes the guy who wrote this was looking at but the ones in that picture are arse ugly.

    from all the reviews i've read is that they still tap on the ground alot so not great if you work in a floorboard office. yet to see a design with the cleats more recessed

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