These Pool Trick Shots Defy The Laws Of Physics

This video is amazing, but it serves as more of a public service announcement than a trick shot video. The announcement? Never make a bet with these guys. You will lose all of your money, all of your dignity, and maybe even your significant other to these gravity-defying masters of felt.


    dont get me wrong there were some amazing tricks in there, but does anyone else find the tricks where there is a pool cue guiding the ball to the hole a bit of a joke?

      Agreed. I used to play around with using two cues as a guide when I was like, 8.

    Ok. if this amazing to you - You need to look up Eddie Charlton. Speaking from personal experience (genuine) these tricks are easily mastered - however Eddie Charlton, toured Australia in th 80's and did a similar program every night. 1 man doing all these tricks and more. 5 nights a weeks, flawless. That's amazing. Jaw dropping. This video 10 tricks, 10 different people. Interesting...Not news worthy.

      I have Eddie Charltons Snooker books at home somewhere, as much as I tried, I couldn't get most of the trick shots, but did learn a lot about pool/snooker and how to place shots though.

    Misleading title.

    Only defies the laws of physics if the masses, positions and velocities of three or more pool balls are known, and then their motions are accurately calculated, in the context of their scalar potential. (If you don't know what the three body problem is, go google it, them come back and tell me how awesome I am).

      epitome of un-awesomeness.

    repetition will make any one a master, this is not that amazing.

    Someone didn't pay attention in school if they think these defy the laws of physics.

    Jeez there's a lot of fun police commenting on this article!!

    This is the second headline with the word "defy the laws of physics" and this is also the second time the headline is incorrect. Maybe if the ball went in one hole and was teleporting to a second hole then would this be 'defying the laws of physics'.

    i hope the people posting about how the phrase "defy the laws of physics" is incorrect are joking. obviously the balls are moving as we see, so OBVIOUSLY it's not defying physics. not to be taken literally.

    It's due to obeying the laws of physics that all these tricks are possible. The predictability of their behaviour is what makes them work. Most involve simple backspin and ball jumping/bouncing. It's no different to saying Shane Warne defies the laws of physics with his spin or a tennis player defies the laws of physics with top spin, back spin, and lobs. If you have never seen these sort of trick shots before then sure they are pretty cool but most can master some of them with a bit of practice.

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