These Guys Got Inside The Fuel Tank Labyrinth Of A 747 Jumbo Plane

A Boeing 747 can carry 183,380 litres of fuel in a labyrinth of tanks so large that people can actually walk and crawl inside them. Can't believe it? Just watch.

The team from BBC's Engineering Giants did just that while going through the D-Check of a British Airways' Jumbo airliner. One of the presenters went with one of the technicians in charge of inspecting the gas tanks for leaks -- from the inside.

I chose a bad day to quit sniffing kerosene. [Thanks Jorge!]


    The say 216,000L in the vid! Which is equivalent to 3,600 x 60L car fuel tanks.

    Imagine the bill to fill it up...

      I once saw a Vulcan bomber for sale cheap as chips but you needed 90,000 quid for fuel to fly it away. That was quite a few years ago and much less fuel. You's want your Coles fuel voucher ready for that one.....and before someone points out the obvious, yes we know it's limited to 150 killjoy you.

    I hope the scrubbed the tanks first. Plenty of carcinogen chemicals to kill you in there.

    216,000l @ $1.15cpl ave Jet A1 (avgas $2.05cpl).

    So $248,400 a fill up gets you from Sydney to San Fran or Dallas. Not too bad.

    That signing off quote was close, but points for the reference in the first place.

    That tank is a walk in the park! You can stand up in it.. The worst one I have been in is the Horizontal Stabiliser trim tank (elevator and rudder area) and you can only just fit through the holes and you have to wiggle your way all the way out to the ends.. VERY tight and I am skinny.. The wing tanks are pretty big, but still very uncomfortable.. For them to be in there with no respirators it would have to be very well ventilated. LEL meters are mandatory too.. If the tank is still pretty wet (with jet A1) we take in our own air.. It's a pretty sucky job....

    Re: previous post.. I was talking about the 767, not a 747 though..

    Lloyd Bridges thanks you for the rememberance.

    Been there done that, got the sore ribs to prove it.

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