These GIFs Might Actually Make You Sick

These GIFs Might Actually Make You Sick

I’d trade a good friend for a decent GIF, and these animated blasts through San Francisco are no exception. They might, however, make you puke. Don’t click these if you’re nursing a hangover today.

The crazy stop-motion effects were executed by film director Kevin Parry, and they make you feel like your computer screen just got sucked into a wormhole. It might look like impossible CGI, but Parry explained to Colossal his low-tech method to make your guts curl with GIFs:

The zooms are done by setting up a camera at each end location and filming the camera zooming in and out. The middle parts are done by putting a camera on the front of my scooter and driving the spanning distance. All that footage is then animated after the fact, only using a very small amount of the frames that were actually filmed. And everything is lined up, cropped, etc. to fit my needs. The spins are done by carefully mapping out a circle around whatever target, and picking roughly 36 locations to shoot a still from. Those photos are then processed, and lined up after the fact.


A scooter! It feels like a scooter just drove into my stomach. I’ll spare you and your browser the ache of having to view these full size, but if you dare, click on through. [Kevin Parry via Colossal] [clear]