These GIFs Might Actually Make You Sick

I'd trade a good friend for a decent GIF, and these animated blasts through San Francisco are no exception. They might, however, make you puke. Don't click these if you're nursing a hangover today.

The crazy stop-motion effects were executed by film director Kevin Parry, and they make you feel like your computer screen just got sucked into a wormhole. It might look like impossible CGI, but Parry explained to Colossal his low-tech method to make your guts curl with GIFs:

The zooms are done by setting up a camera at each end location and filming the camera zooming in and out. The middle parts are done by putting a camera on the front of my scooter and driving the spanning distance. All that footage is then animated after the fact, only using a very small amount of the frames that were actually filmed. And everything is lined up, cropped, etc. to fit my needs. The spins are done by carefully mapping out a circle around whatever target, and picking roughly 36 locations to shoot a still from. Those photos are then processed, and lined up after the fact.

A scooter! It feels like a scooter just drove into my stomach. I'll spare you and your browser the ache of having to view these full size, but if you dare, click on through. [Kevin Parry via Colossal]



    I love the animated gif posts. Can we please have this as a daily article?!

      Better yet. Just go to the website that already has them?
      Not sure, but i think it might be HYPNOSF.COM. just a hunch I have.

        He's asking for a regular GIF post, not a regular HYPNOSF.COM GIF post. Variety is the spice of life after all!

    I saw a gif of a guy being decapitated with a chainsaw that made me almost puke once. I can't say that these come close to being puke worthy!

    Its for this very reason why we'll never succeed at inventing hyperspace for our future intergalactic travels (unless we have pipes attached to our mouths that go directly to a vomit tub or something).

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