These Countries Can Watch The Olympics On YouTube For Free

Each of the following 64 countries has free, unlimited access (broadband notwithstanding) to the greatest celebration of mankind's athletic achievements the world has ever known, thanks to YouTube and the IOC. The bad news is that you probably don't live in one of those countries.

Afghanistan Angola Bangladesh Benin Bhutan Botswana Brunei Burkina Faso Burundi Cambodia Cameroon Cape Verde Central African Republic Chad Comoros Democratic Republic of Congo Republic of Congo Côte d'Ivoire East Timor Equatorial Guinea Eritrea Ethiopia Gabon Gabon Gambia Ghana Guinea Guinea-Bissau India Indonesia Iran Kenya Laos Lesotho Liberia Madagascar Malawi Malaysia Maldives Mali Mauritius Mongolia Mozambique Myanmar Namibia Niger Nigeria Nepal Pakistan Papua New Guinea Rwanda Singapore São Tomé and Príncipe Senegal Seychelles Sierra Leone Sri Lanka Swaziland Tanzania Thailand Togo Uganda Vietnam Zambia Zimbabwe

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    So next up, a guide on accessing Youtube through VPN's/Proxys/DNS Spoofing to appear as though you're in one of those countries..
    I've toyed with getting BBC's iPlayer coverage to work, but it doesn't buffer sufficiently to prevent continuous pauses.
    All I want to do is watch interesting (to me) events that don't necessarily involve Australia!

      Bloody Niger, trust them to have it for free.

    Man, I need this in my life. Channel 9's coverage is at best woeful, at worst abysmal. I can't even understand why they have two channels that show the same event.

      I know. It's not as if one channel is C31 and the reception is crappy. Why not provide twice the coverage, split between the two channels.

      Yes, there may be an instance or two where there could be two events on at the same time you'd like to watch, but that's no different to actually being at the games. At least there would be more choice.... and you could at least record the other channel.

        I think its regarding Foxtels licencing deal or whatever. Whatever it is, its bullshit.

          Indeed. I understand Channel 9 were only able to obtain broadcast rights that limited them to a single free-to-air broadcast. Hence their use of GEM for HD simulcast.

          It's a disappointing state of affairs but one that I find hardly surprising. For all the nobility (if you will) of the athletes' efforts that lie at the heart of the event, the Olympics is an exercise in commercial/capitalist enterprise.

            not only is my Foxtel paying for itself with all the olympic sport
            i'm watching but the free Foxtel iPad app is glorious. All 8
            channels again on the retina display whilst not having to get out
            of bed. life is good!!

              Will the Foxtel App allow two simultaneous logins with the same username and passowrd on two differemt iPad's?

            Not that channel 9 would be able to do decent coverage even IF they
            had Australian broadcast exclusivity.

    Ethiopia can watch Olympics on YouTube, but not Australia.

      RE: Ethiopia can watch Olympics on YouTube, but not Australia.

      Ethiopia can watch Olympics on YouTube, but not the host country.

        The host gets BBC's IPlayer and Multichannel broadcasting (provided you have a TV Licence).

      Basically looks like all the countries where they couldn't sell the
      rights to extortionate prices.

    Any reason why Australia, America and UK are not on the list?

      because it would stop people watching it on commercial tv that have paid lots of monies to have it exclusively.

        Correct me if im wrong but I didn't think you could get exclusivity
        on such a big event?

          *corrects Mick*

          If you are the IOC, you can do anything you want. Circumvent laws,
          make up new laws, sell any aspect of the games you like. Anything.
          They cant stop other stations reporting on it, but they definitely
          stop anyone else from broadcasting it.

        America get NBC live streaming and it looks great ....... from the
        event titles cos I sure can't watch it - goddam it.

    I'm guessing this is because no-one in those countries was willing to pay through the nose for exclusive broadcast rights?

    Just moved to Singapore - they don't show it on free-to-air TV, need to get cable, then the olympic channels. Not sure of the cost but wouldn't be cheap.

    I'm pleased they took the step to make it available - this combined with high-speed fibre in our apartment means pretty good viewing.

      they show it on Channel 5 with HD from 10pm - 5am.. but its mainly the day's highlights

    All of these countries are countries where no channels or media outlets have exclusive coverage licenses. These countries don't have any alternative options.

    Basically a list of third world countries who's people have pretty
    tough lives (there are a handful of exceptions.) So, come on
    people, stop being cry babies. Damn, first world problems!!

    Luckily I'm travelling through SE Asia for a little while
    (Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia) and have been watching it live on
    YouTube. The coverage is actually quite impressive, multilingual
    commentary or just audio from venues. Choice to watch absolutely
    any sport that is on live and also to re-watch events that have
    been completed and gives a summary by country of top events to look
    out for. Only annoying thing is that they show exactly the same SGS
    III ad every time you change sports. I understand the need fork
    advertising but seriously guys, mix it up!

    I wish we had this. Channel 9's coverage can be summed up in one
    word. Montages.

      Foxtel rules!!!! and the foxtel app for the iPad means i can have 2
      channels on simultaneously to catch all the action!!!!! haters come
      at me! lol


    If you have Foxtel get their Olympics 2012 app for the iPad. Once
    you login to the app with your Foxtel user name and password (yes,
    you may have to hunt around for that first...) you have access to
    live viewing on your iPad of all eight Foxtel Olympics channels.
    Also 'catch up' coverage of previous events, meaning you can wake
    up, fire up the app, and watch the overnight events - which
    wouldn't be amazing but the key feature they've included is
    bookmarks to each individual event, so instead of watching three
    hours of 'catch up' swimming just to see the finals you can jump
    straight to 'M 100m Final'. I've been waking up, ignoring radio and
    internet, and watching the overnight events as if they're live, all
    in the space of a few minutes thanks to this feature. It's awesome.
    Plus, when live events are on (or replays of events) you can be
    watching one event on your TV and another on your iPad if you so
    wish. Also has the medal count, TV guide, and other bits and
    pieces. Great app for anyone with Foxtel!

    The only strange entries on the list seem to be Brunei and

    In Australia we either get terrible coverage of Australian only
    events on Ch9, or pay to watch other events on Foxtel.

    Its simple guys , use a PROXY to use an IP address associated with
    one of the aforementioned 64 country list and you too can enjoy
    free and unlimted olympic coverage. And you guys call yourselves
    gizmodians! :C

    Brazil´s internet coverage is brought by terra portal
    [] with a bunch of 36 channels all for

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