The Walking Dead's New Season Will Hit Australia 33 Hours After It Airs In The US

Looks like AMC is finally getting serious about dismantling excuses for piracy, after AMC and Fox International announced over the weekend that the third season of zombie-awesomeness that is The Walking Dead will hit Australia a mere 33 hours after it airs in the US.

First reported by TV Tonight, the delay is significantly shorter than the almost year-long delay between the US airing and Australian network FX picking it up locally last year.

The show will still air on FX -- a pay-TV-only channel -- so piracy is likely to still be an issue, but it's good to see that AMC is getting serious about global distribution and recognising that there are other countries other than those in North America.

The show will reportedly air in 122 countries for its third season debut.

The Walking Dead isn't anywhere near as pirated in Australia as the other cult hit out of the US, Game Of Thrones, which takes a week to get to Australia on pay-tv and another day after that to get into the Australian iTunes Store. AMC is showing how it can be done, so here's looking at you, HBO.

Season three of The Walking Dead will air in Australia on 16 October 2012.

[TV Tonight]

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    will still download it as foxtel is a super ripoff.

      foxtel is way overpriced. it's full of ads and shows almost exclusively re-runs. stuff paying for that.

        If I am paying for TV I don't want it full of ads, it is that simple. Foxtel is so full of ads it is so unbearable to watch. There is a TV guide if I want to find out whats on at what time, so I don't even want to see ads for other programs.

    30hrs too late... same night in HD or GTFO.

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    33 hours? It'll hit torrent in within an hour of airing - if not before! Good try, but not fast enough!

    So what's that, a minimum cost of $50 a month?

      Well 20, if FX is available over that 360 version of Foxtel...

    Excellent news! Bout time the networks started to wake up to the fact that if the content is available with a day or thereabouts after, most people won't bother downloading it. Especially if you have Foxtel HD and can avoid downloading the 720p nzb/torrent.

    Is there going to be an online version available too?? If not, to torrent land I go! I dont own a TV let alone Pay TV.

    I have Foxtel and don't have time to watch it until 3 or 4 days after it airs anyway... but it is still more convenient for me to download it.

    33 hours. Hmmm, beat it can still encoded, uploaded, downloaded and watched before then

    And I will have it at least an hour after it's aired in the states.

    you know what thats pretty good, that is basically the "same day" if you consider the time differences any earlier and it would be on before the US which will never happen, but of course allowing your show to be on foxtel is a clear path to piracy.

    either way the lack of ads and the benefit of any time viewing makes piracy the way to go for tv shows, just put the dam show online in HD as it airs and watch your piracy rates drop like bass at a skrillex concert

      it's semantics, but downloading a tv show is not piracy.

        if you want to be technical it is piracy, since it is distribution of intellectual property without the express permission of the owner of said property, but culturally, the significance placed on this sort of crime is roughly equivalent to that of j walking

        what p1r said, it is in legal terms piracy its just no one cares (except the owners of the show who are apparently losing billions) its the same as video taping a show or even cassette taping a song from the radio back in the olden days lol, both illegal as hell but thought of social as nothing worse then crossing the street without looking both ways

      arent we ahead of the US in its more than 2 days behind technically

    And thus we find out why they "I pirate because we have to wait too long" justification is bullshit - see all the comments above. Any price above $0 and any time beyond 0 minutes and people will pirate it - some will even do it from their high horse.

      um no. I stopped downloading Dr Who cause they started showing it the next night in Australia. But that was a show shown on Free to Air.

      Everyone know's if they were ever to be serious they simply need to make it world wide available for download with some small cost. And by small I mean not $7. I mean $1. If they think they're getting $1 per person viewing the show at the moment, well, tell 'em they're dreaming.

      Downloading is competition, and they're not even attempting to compete with it. It's obvious they can't stop it, so work with it. There's always going to be people who will take it for free (for a variety of reasons, a lot being they wouldn't watch it if it cost them anything) But there are a growing lot of people out there that will happily pay a small (and actually small, not fat cat small) amount to watch a decent copy, easy to access, on time, and supporting the show.

    It seems a bit weak to me to be criticising them still for a 1.5 day wait. Half a day is a *minimum* wait because airing it simultaneously would mean showing it at like 8am for us, and adding a single day to that delay isn't going to hurt anyone.

    Being against using pay TV seems valid though, if I only want to watch 2 or 3 shows in a timely manner then that isn't worth ~$100 per month to me at all. But if it will be on iTunes...

      Agree... Do people really expect it to simulcast worldwide? Can you not wait one night to watch a TV show?

      exactly right no one can really, validly complain about a day delay its the best we are going to get as its basically same time airing plus the delay for time zones, as i said we are never going to get it before the US
      if it werent for the payTV thing im sure there would be a rather large group who would now not pirate it and watch it on tv, actually thats obvious or tv channels here wouldnt bother, there will always be those who will pirate it out of principal of not being "slaves to adds and timeslots" though

        Yep! I play for foxtel and most likely will pirate it anyway. Mainly because i like to be able to watch it in my own time and i always forget when shows are on or have to get up to do something or go somewhere etc. Paid TV needs to move more into streaming where you sit down and choice what you want to watch and it just starts. Sure regular timeslotted stuff should exist but so should streaming of everything that is currently in their line up.

    33 hours? They still don't understand - not good enough!

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    that'd mean I have to download the first two seasons to catch up

      or you could simply watch one of the 15 million reruns of each episode that foxtel is bound to run ;)

    Doesn't matter. I'll buy the season on US itunes and catch it that way.

    I'm over piracy. If you can pirate, you can find a way to get it legitimately. (IE US iTunes account). You can no longer stand by the "I can't get it any other way" excuse. Support what you love, people. It's time we grew up.

      I totally agree: support what you love. Hmmm... just read about setting up a US iTunes account. Prices per episode are fairly reasonable, and the extra tracks amount basically to the DVD extras that I love so very, very much :P.

      Didn't realise how easy it was to get a US account set up. Will have to look into this further! ^_^

      I pirate it then buy the box set when it comes out. I still pirate but I prefer the physical item for something I've paid for (although I have paid for a few digital downloads of games). Plus I am not a fan of itunes and would prefer not to have it on my computer..

      Get off your high-horse. If your an Australian resident, unless you lived in the US for a period, using a US iTunes account isn't legitimate either. You have to violate a bunch of EULA agreements to do so.

      If your that concerned about supporting the makers of Wlaking Dead, pay for foxtel and support the company that has paid good money to have the distribution rights.

        No. Just no.

    WOW, I didn't know people still used normal or Foxtel. Best thing I even done was removed the antenna from my TV and connected a Drobo. I would happily pay for shows on Itunes etc but having to wait so them to be released in Australia is annoying and stupid loud ads on Free To Air TV and Paying for Pay TV AND watching AD's just done my head in.

      You connected a Drobo to your coax port? :)

    LOL. This won't make a difference, no one will watch it on Foxfail

    No FX on xbox foxtel, willing to pay for it, as i have so the wife can watch true blood & falling skies but still don't have the option.... Give me access and i will give them my hard earned...

    that's 32 hours too long a wait for me

    If you can't get poxtel, how the hell does this help us at all? Until I can buy a bluray box set I'll download it.

    ....Not if the internet has anything to say about it >:)

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