The Smartphone That Could Save Your Life

Like a hospital room in your pocket, the LifeWatch V is an Android-based smartphone that incorporates a series of sensors that let you perform various medical tests in between checking Facebook and your email. It's the perfect all-in-one device if you're managing a medical condition — or just a hypochondriac.

By holding the device in a certain way, ensuring their fingers are touching a series of sensors around its perimeter, users can perform various health tests with the phone, such as monitoring ECG, stress levels, heart rate, body fat and temperature. While you'll still need to carry a kit with test strips and a needle, the LifeWatch V also serves as a blood glucose monitor letting diabetics monitor and track blood sugar levels.

You'll still want to keep up regular doctor visits if you are dealing with a medical condition, since devices like these are usually far less accurate when compared to dedicated hospital equipment. But with full data connectivity, it means you can keep your medical practitioner abreast of your condition between checkups. More importantly, it minimises the number of medical-related smartphone accessories you have to tote around.

[LifeWatch via Likecool]

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