The Police Saved A Sex Doll From Drowning Because They Thought It Was A Real Girl

"Oh my god! Is that a naked lady drowning in a river? We must help. Call backup! I'm going in after her." That must've been what 18 policemen in Shandong, China were thinking when they saw a 'woman' submerged in the river -- embarrassingly for the police, it wasn't a real person they rescued but a sex doll.

Yes, a deflated and dirtied sex doll where personal parts are inserted for human pleasure. Even more embarrassing though, is that the policemen (all 18 of 'em!) spent nearly an hour trying to rescue the doll. Aren't those things supposed to be cooperative? What were all 18 policemen even doing? Trying to compete against each other to see who could rescue the naked lady? Working on a pickup line? Not one of them thought, hey, maybe she looks like a fake person?

Combining this hilarious incident with the mistaken mushroom identity of a sex toy that happened a month ago in China, it's clear that someone needs to give China a heads up on the sex toy industry. We'll gladly do the honour: toys are not mushrooms, dolls are not people. [RocketNews24 via Metro UK]


    I bet it was full of fluids and the cops felt deflated.


    Because the alternative headline, "woman drowns because police thought she was a floating sex toy" would of been a great headline.

      + 100. They did the right thing. Better safe than sorry. As if they could be expected to positively identify something that looks like a person, out in the water.

    I agree, its better to save a doll than being sorry later on....

    I'd be more inclined to save this thing if I knew it was a doll

    How to bring down the regime in China, throw a whole heap of sex dolls in the river system.

    The sex doll looks a bit dirty...

    pixelated nipples on a sex doll?

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