The Original Logos Of Tech Companies Were All Terrible

The Original Logos Of Tech Companies Were All Terrible

A lot of the giant technology brands and companies you know and love today didn’t look anything like they do now when they first started. Just look at their original logos: they’re almost always butt ugly, but they slowly grew into what they are now. Here are the humblest beginnings for all to see:

The fine folks at Stock Logos compared famous logos with their original forms, and it’s hilarious to see how unrecognisable they all are now. They’re universally awful. Who gave the OK on some of these? Were they made as a joke? See for yourself below.


Probably my favourite original logo from a tech company because it looks awesomely old and nostalgic. It’s so obvious Microsoft was started in the ’70s.[clear]


Could you imagine this logo behind all those laptops lids, all those phones and tablets and all those movies and TV shows? [clear]


Was this just somebody’s signature? [clear]


What do people like? Oh yeah, dogs! Let’s add a dog in our logo. Done. [clear]


I can’t even try to interpret this one but I think I saw someone with a tattoo of this before.


AT&T gets the Razzy award for the most words one can cram in a logo.


The house of Mario’s original logo actually looks like Japanese Marlboro Reds.


This looks like the logo that inspired Planet Hollywood.


Is that a twisted form of Hangman? Is it in Chinese? Maybe it’s a wax seal. Whatever it was, it looks like a much better version of IBM’s.


Another fun one because it looks so dated, this is how I imagine all vintage things to look.


No matter what you make in Finland, it somehow always come back to fish.


Not exactly a tech company but I’m glad I can always count on Lego to be sensible.


A children’s toy company.


It’s a Pokemon!


The Al Pacino face was always a little bit creepy. Guess they were trying to warn us.


By far the ugliest original logo of all time. And it’s the most recent!

For more fun logo ugliness (especially for non-tech companies), be sure to check out Stock Logos’ full comparison on original and current logos. They even culled together a piece on how some of these logos might evolve, with hilarious predictions of what they’ll look like in the future. [Stock Logos via Laughing Squid]