The Only Way To Lock Your Retina Display MacBook Pro Is With Ugly Plastic

That svelte, pixel-dense MacBook Pro with retina display sure is a beaut, ain't she? Yep, that's what everyone thinks. Especially thieves. But without a Kensington Security Slot, how will you be able to lock your expensive investment? With ugly, horrible plastic.

It's the only way. Well, it's the only way right now as MacLock is the first company to introduce a laptop lock for the new MacBook Pro that is an inelegant solution, to say the least. The way the lock works is you have to add "an extremely lightweight security skin" to the base of the laptop, which basically translates to "a horrifying plastic layer permanently plastered to your beautiful MacBook Pro". MacLock says the bottom piece, made of polymer, actually improves the cooling of your laptop. Then, a security cable is attached to the plastic laptop so you can pretend you're safe (when you're really not) by attaching it to your coffee cup or something.

Yeah, it sucks that Apple didn't include a Kensington Security Slot with the new MacBook Pro (or MacBook Air, for that matter), but you don't want to compound that problem by making the new computer more awful. That's like solving a problem by creating another one. [MacLocks via 9to5Mac]


    Apple loves thieves, they double their repeat customer base.

    Those cables are _really_ not hard to cut through. Or if you've got a good grip on the surface of the laptop you can take a couple of steps to build momentum and use the entire body weight to snap/bend the most vulnerable point (the small layer of plastic (usually) or a thin sheet of metal no thicker than a few millimeters)... the laptop shell.

    they stop only some thieves.

      I saw someone try and do this with a Toshiba laptop in 2008 at the Good Guys I used to work at. He picked it up, took a few steps away and gave the whole thing a good yank.

      Toshiba used to solder their Kensington locks onto the edge of the motherboard itself, so he ripped half the guts of the laptop out, panicked, and sprinted out the front door.

    More of a deturrent than prevention but it certainly is something silly to leave out considering the number of mac pro's i see with them attached to those kingston locks. I just wish they made a fatty macbook pro with an optional retina display!

    Who locks up their laptop? I thought only shops used those kinds of things?

      I help run a 500-person LAN event in Perth and will be bringing my laptop to game on. I will be locking mine to the table I sit at.

      It's not about eliminating theft, it's about making the theft take longer, so you can catch them and say naughty words to them before they run away.

      Students at a University library for one. It can be hard to find a desk with a powerpoint, and student's dont want to have to pack everything up when they go grab another book or quickly run to the toilet.

    I agree with MotorMouth - who does lock their laptop?

    Just like the best security in your home... it's merely a deterrent; And not a very good one.

    If a thief wants to get in to your house, they'll get in regardless of the 'security' you have in place. A good thief can ransack your house in a couple minutes, and they know the majority of your 'really really good' hiding places are.

    Same as the bike lock review, in less than a minute thieves can cut through the most expensive lock and walk off with your $2K bike, simple.

    Rule #1: If you don't want to lose it, don't leave it unattended in a public place... period.

      It's policy in a lot of corporate offices to lock your laptop. At larger offices laptop theft can be a problem, where laptops can be taken from someone's desk in the middle of the day, it's very easy to pick it up quickly and quietly and just walk away with it. Using bolt cutters or angle grinders in an office draws a lot more attention. It removes the opportunity for an easy theft.

      Generally speaking these are not intended for use at home or other private places.

      So what you're saying is that whenever you ride anywhere, you don't actually leave your bike; you just stand there looking cool. And when you take your laptop to a public place you piss in a bottle rather than get up from the table?

      This kind of security is of course not unbreakable, but the idea is that if there is a laptop secured to a table and one that's not, it's the one with no security at all that gets taken. You don't have to be the fastest runner in the world to escape the bear, you just have to be faster than the guy next to you. So let me know next time you're going out to a cafe with your laptop so I can watch as yours gets stolen.

    I wish this was more a criticism of Apples neglect rather than of the works of an accessory maker "ruining" the aesthetics of the case. These are hardly pro machines considering all the add ons you're required to purchase just to use it in a business setting.

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