The One Kickstarter I'd Support Is Michael Bay's Bad Boys III Pitch

Kickstarter is plagued by too many unfulfilled orders of too many far-fetched concepts. It's the internet's biggest and most expensive letdown -- unless it's being used to help Michael Bay bring the Bad Boys franchise back with aliens and explosions and oh gawd why can't this just be real.

The fake pitch from Jest (full video below) really captures the essence of the "MTV Award-winning director" of every movie that dared explode too many things. If this one doesn't strike your fancy, just hold out for his Kickstarter to not make Transformers 4: Explosion:


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    Hmm, I loved Bad Boys, Bad Boys 2 was alright, but the franchise had definitely degraded, sounds about right for the guy who made those awful second and third transformers movies to swoop in and make an exploding third movie.

      Swoop in? He made the first two!

      Yeah, I loved terminator, but it was a shame James Cameron swooped in and made the second one.
      The first two Batmans were good, but then Christoper nolan swooped in and made the third one.
      The first 3 Star Wars were great, but then Lucas swooped in... oh hang on, that one works actually ;)

        Well really the first Star Wars movie was great, and then Lucas swooped out, and the next two were even better.

      shit just got real...BB2>BB1

    Shit just got real.

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