The Most Spectacular Night View Of Earth Ever Captured By NASA

I've seen plenty of time lapse videos from the International Space Station. None of them were even near the stunning beauty of this one.

It was created by Knate Myers using photographs taken from the International Space Station. He removed the noise, processed some of the shots in Photoshop and compiled the whole thing in Sony Vegas.

Play it at full screen and high definition and weep at its beauty. [Twitter]


    I watched it on the 27" monitor at work this morning and it really is stunning.

    Even better on a 32 inch

    The beauty of the cosmos before us - and it takes two posts to turn into an e-peen contest.

    Hooked it up to the jumbo tron at Dallas Stadium... was not impressed

    the inspirational music was too much for me. i had to turn it off or i was gonna start singing the american national anthem, and im australian.

      I think it was great. It's not inspirational, so much as movie soundtrack. Sounds about as much like a national anthem as Bieber.

    Epic beauty! (Though the earth came off as a texture - still good)

    Watched it on a little 5 inch b/w portable. It's ok I guess. Nothing to write home about.

    Watched it on an iPad. It was truely the most beautiful thing i have ever seen.

    The video wasn't bad either.

    I think this song must be part of the 'process time lapse to video' template in Sony Vegas. I loved it in 'Sunshine' but now it's as cliched as using a Sigur Ros track... beaut video once you mute it though!

    best video ever!

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