The Miniature Kitchen That's Impossible Not To Love

Maybe you have an unit the size of a dollhouse. Or maybe you just like to keep everything out of view. Either way, Kitchoo's Compact Kitchens condense appliances and storage space together into very small, sleek packages.

They start at around $US4,700, and they hide fridges, sinks, cooking spaces, dishwashers, microwaves, and more into a little telescoping module. You might be thinking "hey, that sounds like an RV," but actually these wooden mini-kitchens are very smart looking, and an ingenius way to make a little bit of real estate go a long way. [GearPatrol]


    Reminds me of my fathers apartment in Hong Kong when he lived there for a year.

      Australia is about the only industrialised country where compact kitchens are unknown and not available. Not only are they a standard feature in Europe, North America and even the UK, they cost less than $1000 when purchased eg in Germany (made in Germany with German fridge, stove etc). Very interesting why we have to put up with MDF oversized overpriced rubbish.

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